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Sep 25, 2007 08:45 AM

Wish vs Talula- Can't decide- Help!

I've narrowed my last holiday dinner to Tulula or Wish and don't know which way to go. Have scoured the board looking for info on Wish (there's lots on Talula) and can't find anything. It will be the last night of my holiday in Miami and looking for a romantic setting where I can actually talk to my boyfriend and have fantastic food. Am not into anything pretentious but am willing to splurge on our last dinner.
Any help will be most appreciated!!

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  1. Not a local so cannot comment on a lot of places; however, I was in Miami Beach recently for the weekend and my wife and I had a wonderful dinner at Talula, excellent food, excellent service and not outrageously expensive. We also sat outside in the courtyard which is very pretty, private and romantic.

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      Have only been to Wish a couple times and not recently. However it was recently reviewed, not too glowingly, in one of the local papers.

      In my limited experience, Wish's menu shows a lot of creativity but the combinations don't always work and the execution is sometimes lacking. Talula's hand is usually much surer.

      Service can be hit or miss at both places (it is South Beach) though probably a litle better at Talula. The outdoor area at Wish is lovely; the indoor somewhat awkward. Talula's indoor area is not quite as South Beach-y and they have, as bakerboyz noted, an outdoor courtyard area which is pretty (but not quite as nice as Wish's).

    2. I'd do Talula, though I have not been to Wish in a while...