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Sep 25, 2007 08:34 AM

Veritas wine bar in DC??

Hey guys! I'm a big fan of wine bars. Especially with 2-3 oz pours. Anybody heard anything about this place, or been there? I'm a little iffy about a wine bar opened by Joe Engler, having previously been a regular of Capitol Lounge. Which is, incidently, right next to Sonoma. Also went to Proof last night. Guess I'm just looking around for my next favorte wine. Any other places I should know about?

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  1. I haven't been to Veritas yet but you should check out the latest blog posting by Metrocurean. She lists all the new wine bars opening in the area (and there are a lot).

    I also hear good things about Mendocino in Georgetown. I personally love Sonoma and don't there nearly enough.

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    1. Joe Englert does own part of Veritas, but the guy who seems to run the show has a lot of fine dining and wine experience. I read somewhere that he used to work at Medocine or Sonoma. It's not like drinking wine in Capitol Lounge! I have been to Veritas a few times and it's great. Unlike Sonoma, Mendocino, Proof, and all the rest - which, by the way, I LOVE - this place is purely a wine bar (not a restaurant). I've sent a lot of friends there as well and the response has been great.

      1. Proof is great; we went there last friday but you have to get there right when it opens to get a seat at the bar on fridays! At 5:30 there were about 8 of us all waiting to get in! Cheese was yummy, wine is great and in tasting pours and 2 glass sizes.
        Have you tried Bardeo in Cleveland Park? it is also a great wine bar and has tasting & regular sizes. Once you have finished there you can stroll N. on CT and end up at Dino, which also has a very cozy wine bar and great pours AND a great bartender. You can order from the bar or regular menus there, plus there is a big vat of olives & fava beans for your nibbling pleasure.
        Now if only some wise entrepreneur would open up a fine wine bar in NOVA (preferably springfield!!) i would have somewhere to go during the week. On 2nd thought maybe it's best that they don't...:)

        1. We went to Veritas friday night for happy hour. We got there right about 5:30 which was a good thing! it is a small space and the acoustics are was LOUD by the time we left. But the service at the bar was great and i had a yummy Zin flight and hubby had a variety of reds. We had a cheese plate that was quite good; there are many choices and recommendations to go with wine flights. One other cool thing is they will let you make up your own flight of three. After my flight i wanted a half glass for the road and they were happy to pour it for me.
          After happy hour we strolled down to Nora; it was good but i certainly wouldn't put it in the top echelon in the city. The servers looked like flower children (i know, i know, it's organic...) and the service was in, WHERE IS MY APPETIZER I ORDERED LIKE YESTERDAY?? (not that we said that...) but the food was good and creatively prepared for the most part. The close set tables make conversation tough but that's standard for most of DC anyway.
          So, we'll definitely be going back to Veritas but not to Nora. Too many other wonderful places to eat!!!! I love this city!!!!

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            The wine list at Veritas is extensive, and the service at the bar was good. However, it was really crowded when I was there, and if I went and had to stand I wouldn't have enjoyed it very much. I didn't have any food, but I would definitely return for that based on my first visit.

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              They don't have any food other than cheese and charcouterie. It truly is a wine bar!
              (PS i'm from ohio too...go bucks!)

          2. I was at Veritas with a small group a couple of weeks ago. The wine list was nice so we were very excited to try some of the wines. Unfortunately, we were served two corked wines and two that were dead during our visit. The bartenders replaced the wines and apologized, but seemed unhappy to have the wine sent back. This, in my opinion, is usually a bad sign. I will try Veritas again and hope for better, but if you are going to visit you may want to be weary of trying the more obscure wines as they may not be fresh.

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            1. re: trebiccherri

              weird...most of their wine is in the temp controlled storage units and pumped out...

              1. re: DCDOLL

                Yes, weird. I went back and the wines I was serve were fine, but a friend that he had a similar problem and the managers got upset. I did some research an the owner is not someone who is well respected in quality circles. Anyone have some insight?