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Sep 25, 2007 08:33 AM

Paris favorite is Bofinger - Where else to go?

What other Paris restaurants should a Bofinger lover go to? Nothing too pompous please. Talllivent and Alain Ducasse are not for me.


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  1. La Rotonde, bd du Montparnasse -- L'Ami Jean, rue Malar -- Chez Prosper at Nation -- Chez Michel rue de Belzunce -- L'Ami Louis of course (expensive but not pompous) -- Le Gourmet des Ternes bd de Courcelles -- L'Os a Moelle -- Le Vin des Rues -- so many places... maybe you could be more specific about what you liked at Bofinger?

    1. Bofinger? You'll be easily pleased by the recommendations on the board. Too many places with better food.

      I went to Bofinger last month. I had the tartare. It was OK.

      1. Brasserie Balzar is more upbeat and has better service; same ownership, minus the shellfish and German influences, great steak tartare etc. In the 7th, try Florimond, Leo le Lion, Cafe Constant and Chez Eux. BTW, Souphie's picks are all good.