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Sep 25, 2007 08:23 AM

Uni Pizza? [moved from Manhattan board]

As my profile suggested, pizza and uni are 2 of my favorite delicacies. Last night I grabbed a late dinner at Sasabune. If you've been before, it's superior but predictable (i.e. repetitive each visit) omakase but certainly worth going to. I ordered seconds of the Catalina Island uni for "dessert" which was delicious. Having eaten with my fingers, there was a lingering smell coupled with the lingering taste. I then zoomed up to Patsy's on 117th for a couple of slices and I swear I finally experienced the "commingling" of those two great tastes. I envision a Reeses Peanutbutter Cup type of union. "mmm uni" "mmm pizza" "oops!" I wonder whether Uno Pizza out of Chicago or Una Pizza Napoletana here in NY would sue me if I opened up "Uni Pizza Napoletana?" I'm waiting for Wolfgang Puck or maybe a David Chang or Wylie Dufresne to actually test my thesis and offer an uni pizza pie.

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  1. While it is not exactly uni pizza, the uni dish at Jean George is similar (IMO) to that experience. It is a few pieces of sweet uni on top of a "black bread" (like a small toast) topped with a thin slice of jalapeno and sprinkles of sea salt. The bread is spread with some butter (?). This is probably more of an uni toast than uni pizza, but I will take it at any time :D

    GG, I am also a big uni fan, so I am up for any uni dishes. Let me know if you find something new!

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      The uni panini at El Quinto Pino is amazing. Tom Cat ficelle warm with mustard oil, butter and gobs of uni. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    2. Just for the hell of it, I googled "uni pizza" (うにピザ) in Japanese and it seems that it's still a novel idea but something you can find in Japan.

      * The commentary for this shop is that they make a really good raw uni pizza, but it sells out quickly:
      * A recipe:
      * A photo from someone's blog about making uni pizza (last hurrah for the summer):

      1. I just heard about this place called Two Boots (that I also heard was horrible) but they have all of these creative toppings for pizza.

        I'm sure they're up for suggestions. ;-)

        1. white clam pie at pepe's is transcendent. would an uni pizza be that much beter?

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            been there, done that- uni pizza would do it for me.

          2. In case you decide to go for it and you're afraid of brand confusion ... sea urchins are called "i ricci di mare" in italian :) Maybe you could expand a little to specialize in seafood pizzas or raw seafood pizzas ... I can totally see "pizze di mare" or "pizza cruda".