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Sep 25, 2007 08:16 AM

Preserved Lemons?

Got a tagine for my birthday and want to cook morrocan. Many recipes call for preserved lemons. Any idea where to find them?

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  1. No idea. But there is a simple recipe for them on the Home Cooking board if you do a search.

    1. I think I've seen them in the olive bar at the Whole Foods in Woburn - other Whole Foods would probably have them too.

      1. Whole Foods has them in the same section as all of their olives. They're pretty simple to make yourself, too, but they take a few days to cure. I'd recommend buying a big mason jar, a bunch of fresh lemons and kosher salt, and getting a batch of your own started, and while you wait, try Whole Foods prepared version for your short term fix.


        1. I'd be really surprised if you couldn't get them at the Armenian markets on Mt. Auburn in Watertown. Sevan, Arax, Massis. Also, you could check Eastern Lamejun on Belmont St. nearby.

          I saw them at Whole Foods in Fresh Pond a couple of months back, but haven't noticed them since. I'd call first.

          1. formaggio's usually has them at the huron store.

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              Thanks for the replies. My wife looked at the fresh pond whole foods, but they are currently in disarray due to expansion and she could have missed them. Making them was my backup plan.