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Good Eggs Benedict?

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I'm a huge fan of this dish. Haven't had it for a while and was wondering where I might find the good stuff. I prefer the traditional syle but like it all. Any ideas on where (in the city) to find the best of what I crave? Thanks!

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  1. Lula's in Logan Square, Toast or Ina's would be your best bets for traditional and well executed eggs benedict.

    1. Isn't Yolk supposed to be the best of the city?

      1. Bongo Room (on Wabash) has come through for us with flying colors in the past.

          1. For something out of the ordinary, try Orange. They make a plethera of interesting egg dishes and benedicts.

            1. Not traditional, but Wishbone has a good southern style benedict. Two poached eggs served on biscuit with ham and topped with country sausage gravy.

              Then again, I'd eat just about anything on their menu.

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                That sounds really good, but Benedict it isn't. Eggs Bubba, maybe?

                I hope the ham is country, not deli.

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                  Dixei Bait Shop and Kitchen also has a great twist on Eggs Benedict - Eggs Sardou - Poached Eggs atop our Fried Green Tomatoes and Cornbread Croutons with Creamed Spinach and Artichoke Hollandaise - two locations in the Chicago area - http://www.dixiekitchenchicago.com/

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                    This is certainly a take on Eggs Bennedict, but this ain't Eggs Sardou. Eggs Sardou is poached eggs on top of artichoke bottoms, all on top of creamed spinach and then covered with hollandaise. There's no tomato in Eggs Sardou.

                    For reference: http://www.nolacuisine.com/2006/03/12...

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                      hey do not shoot the messenger - whatever they call it - it is still good eats

                2. I really like the egg benedict at Fox & Obel.

                  1. My favorite is in Oaktree: at the top of the 900 N Michigan building (Bloomingdale's).

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                      Ah, yes! The egg benedict at Oaktree is excellent. I concur!

                    2. I love Yolk and Orange. They are both nearby to each other (the Harrison St. Orange is the best one). Yolk has the best eggs benedict I have had. Great atmosphere, and if you like, they serve Hollandaise in little side cups so you can pour it on as you please so you won't be overwhelmed with flavor. Orange also has some nice benedicts, served on giant wedges of toast and presented beautifully.

                      1. I like the benedict at Jane's on Cortland.

                        1. From one huge fan of Eggs Benedict to another, take this tip:

                          The Signature Benedict on the Brunch Menu at Prairie Grass.

                          No, it's not in town, I know, but it's well worth the drive. In fact, since first trying it this summer at the suggestion of my friend Ronnie Suburban, it has completely spoiled any other (and more convenient) option for me.



                          1. I know it sounds trite, but I'm also a huge eggs benedict fan and found that Walker Brothers comes through every time.

                            1. I too am a fan- if in the burbs try Egg Harbor in Glenview!

                              1. Glenn's Diner at 1820 W. Montrose is a great place for breakfast foods....served all day....although they are better known for the wide fresh seafood selections....