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Sep 25, 2007 07:55 AM

Atlanta - Best Burgers

Where can I find the best hamburgers in Atlanta?

Here is my list - so far:

- The Vortex - P'tree and 8th or Little 5 - wide range of choices here - and tasty tater tots to boot!
- Rheas - several locations around the Roswell / Alpharetta area - try the Rhea's special - fresh beef patty on grilled texas toast
- Downwind's Restaurant - at PDK - tasty burgers - partially precooked to handle the demand - but still very good
- Ann's Snack Bar - I haven't tried this place yet - but have tried a couple of times and was deterred by the long's always a good sign

Where are the best burgers in town?

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  1. For the high end, I've had the burger from Food 101 in the Highlands a couple of times and liked it a lot. And for al fresco, The Treehouse in Peachtree Hills makes a consistently good one.

    1. Woodfire Grill makes the best one I have ever had.

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        Just make sure Chef Tuohy is actually in the house when you order it. We were there several years ago on a Sun night- that burger was the worst one I've ever had. Or maybe second worst next to one at Virginia's when it was still on Virginia Ave ('cause that one was bad and served with a big side of attitude). That he wasn't there was the only reason I could come up with for the nasty burger and worse-by-miles-than-the-Vortex oil-sodden fries.

      2. A friend of mine claims the burger at lunch at Bacchanalia is the best he's ever had.

        1. Two beefy, flavorful burgers with great fries are found at One Midtown Kitchen and Muss and Turners. One Midtown is the better of the two since it is both bigger and on a better roll.

          1. Vortex. Has to be the L5P location.