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Sep 25, 2007 07:38 AM

Hope & Olive: Anyone been yet?

I heard that the Hope & Olive opened in Greenfield this weekend. Has anyone been yet?

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  1. Yes I was there today. The good news is that the food was excellent! Had a cubano sandwich. Top notch (though not exactly authentic) and served with a side roasted root vegetables on dressed greens. The space is nice but kind of cavernous..two different dining rooms separated by a bar area. Not intimate welcoming and funky like Bottle of Bread but not oft putting. The bad news is that its in Greenfield. The town is so grim and weird/bad vibed that I can barely bring myself to go there. I know, I know, spare me with the "its turning the corner and People's Pint is making a stand etc etc" but no matter what people's good efforts, intentions, and hopes, Greenfield has always remained a place to avoid.
    I really hope they make it but I don't know if Greenfield locals are ready for $10 sandwiches no matter how fabulous. Why they didn't just find another place in Shelburne Falls (or even the more interesting Turners Falls) is beyond me. Shelburne Falls is magical and part of the experience and appeal of Bottle of Bread was that it was located in a lovely destination community.
    That being said, I'll absolutely be back!

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      Thanks for the report, glad to hear this place is open and I'm looking forward to trying it. I was just in SF and had kind of a wacky service experience at Tusk 'n Rattle, but I guess that's part of its charm. :) Still want to try Gypsy Apple.

      I get what you're saying re Greenfield, but so far the Pint has made it a worthwhile trip for me on occasion, and there are some interesting business and folks tucked away who can't afford the Northampton market (don't get me started again on NoHo!). BTW, check out "The Rendezvous" in TF sometime, if you're up that way...

      1. re: Big Fat Moe

        Greenfield has always remained a place to avoid.? Why? ...your pretense is truly unfortunate. If you decide to visit Greenfield and actually look around, you will not find poor people lurking in alleyways ready to jump out at you. I moved to Greenfield 15 years ago from Boston and worked in Northampton for about five years, and Greenfield is far superior to NOHO in many ways. Yes there are fewer insanely-self-conscious-hip-beautiful people clogging the streets, but you also won't find pierced teens camped out begging for money on the sidewalk, or supremely untalented street musicians banging away on out of tune guitars... honestly, there are far more scary folk hanging out on Main in Noho. That said, maybe you should stay away, it's already too long a wait for a table at the Pint, which will probably also be the case at Hope & Olive.

        1. re: Frankidadio

          Unfortunately I have to agree with the negative assessment of Greenfield, and I have lived in the area for 28 years and seen it go down hill. While there are nice people and interesting places in the outskirts, I find it hard to believe anyone could disagree all those ragtag store fronts (and boarded up buildings!) on Main Street are enough to turn away most people, and this is not good for the economy or the local people. In recent years it is very common for people to bemoan what has happened to the town. There are good things to be found, but in general the downtown is an area I skip whenever possible.

          That being said I have been happy to see quite a few new restaurants and other businesses make a go of it there in recent years. I stopped going to the People's Pint a few years ago when the service became very spotty, but it has gotten so many positive posts here recently I think I'll try it out again. After the Hope & Olive, that is...

          1. re: Frankidadio

            Really has little to do with pretense and more to do with a Greenfield retail and downtown business community that has been smug, backwards, and exclusionary for the the past 35 years. The town is both frozen in time and paralyzed at the same time.
            Yeah, Northampton is often what you say it is. And downtown Greenfield is no more "scary" than Northampton. But downtown Greenfield was, is, and probably will continue to be, creepy. And not a pleasant place to spend an entire evening. I'll drive up, enjoy a meal, and get the hell out.

          2. re: Big Fat Moe

            hey -
            i was wondering if you happened to have an address (or approximate location) or phone number for it? I live in noho and don't know where in greenfield it opened up.

            1. re: ratchicken

              It's on the corner of Hope and Olive. Really. It's in the area behind the courthouse.

              1. re: ratchicken

                The phone number is 774-3150. Hope Street is off Main Street right by the Franklin County Court House.

            2. My husband and I ate there tonight. It was wonderful! Fresh salmon and trout, lots of hidden food under it (green beans, ginger, bok choy, green beans, local beets and mushrooms), wine, and a killer choc mouse with raspberries all for $51. It was packed, we waited 20 minutes but they have a nice bar. Greenfield is acutally becoming much more interesting with 2 new restaurants opening this week--the other is "Tofu A Go-Go," formerly of Provincetown right on Main St., creative veggie food. An upscale bar called Winterland opened one block from Hope & Olive about 8 months ago and it is usually full with virtual golf. In the summer, Greenfield Energy Park (one block from Hope & Olive) has live music and more coffee houses are now open around town in the winter.

              1. MY Husband and I ate at Hope and Olive last night. The front of the restaurant is very inviting! We were happy to see a nice restaurant come to Greenfield so we do not have to go out of town to eat. As we got seated we were served with a nice bottle of water and 2 glasses. Ahh... we said... this is good. Not having to ask for our water to be filled. The food was really good. But….. The acoustics in there were not pleasant. Very, very noisy, not relaxing at all. It is more like a cafeteria feel with high end price tag. We were a bit disappointed that we not served anything before our meal. We were hoping to be served some nice bread with some olive oil or a small salad. That was disappointing. Because of the noise level and everything being a la carte, we will not be going back in a hurry.
                We can recommend Bella Notte in Bernadston. Nice view, nice atmosphere, rolls, salad and great food all in the $18- to 25.00 range.

                1. My girlfriend and I went tonight. For the 25 minute trip from Northampton we found the food to be sort of average and therefore, not quite worth it.
                  As vegetarians there were decent options - we were pleased with the option of subbing tempeh for meat- I had the veggie BLT and found it to be pretty good but the "side salad" that it came with was just a few roasted vegatbles. The vegetable napoleon entree that my girlfriend ordered was mostly just a pile of over cooked roasted vegetables. The seasoning in general wasn't that excting. The chocolate mouse dessert was much too heavy to be considered a mouse and was average.
                  Of the pros, the wine (cabernet) was great and the side order of beets was really good. The atmosphere was really nice, and the service was excellent.

                  All that said, I still think that the place is definitley worth checking out. We will most likley go back another time.

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