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Sep 25, 2007 07:36 AM

Bobby's - Breakfast in Woodland Hills

This is a true greasy spoon diner. The waitress must have worked in a truck stop for many years. She just has that certain efficient confidence about her.

She arrived at my table, set down a full coffee cup and asked what I wanted. This would be expected if I was a regular, but this was my first time. “A menu please,” was my response.

I loved that she just dismissed with all the formality and got right to the business at hand. I also didn’t ask for the coffee. But I was glad she brought it, again with no unnecessary pomp or circumstance.

I got the menu, and as expected, it had greasy spoon food on there: eggs with ham, eggs with bacon, pancakes, pancakes with bacon….

“I’ll have the bacon and eggs, over medium”

“How about the ranch special? It’s bacon and eggs, over medium.”


“Sourdough toast?”


About 4 minutes later, out comes a plate full of food. The two eggs were done perfectly. The three medium-thick slices of bacon were crispy and very flavorful, and there was a huge pile of hash browns with a nice crust on the outside and tender and hot inside. The sourdough toast was real sourdough toast, and two big slices.

And she left the check with the meal. I love that at breakfast. I’m not there for the atmosphere. Oh, and the coffee was refilled each time I passed the half-full level. The last time, she actually took the cup and gave me a new one in case the remaining coffee might have been cold.

All told, my whole meal, from the time I walked in until the time I walked out took 15 minutes. I could have spent longer at MacDonald’s. But the food here was fresh and tasty, and the service was right-on. And the price was commensurate with MacDonald’s, too. The above was $5.65 after tax, before tip.

I will be back here any time I need a good, quick breakfast.

Bobby’s Coffee Shop
22821 Ventura Boulevard, west of Fallbrook
Woodland Hills
(818) 225-1324

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  1. Bobby's is such a great place. Those waitresses should be made national living treasures, the way aging artisans in Japan are. A good diner waitress is a gem.

    Bobby's is right across the street from the Home Beer, Wine and Cheesemaking shop, headquarters of homebrew in the Valley and home to the Cellarmasters and Maltose Falcons Homebrew society.

    On many a meeting or brew session, Bobby's lilting call of "yummy, yummy, yummy" has drifted across to me. I love those hashbrowns!

    1. I also like that Bobby's has those little cruets (or whatever you want to call them) of jams -- including my fave, orange marmalade -- on the tables, instead of plastic packets with peel-off tops.

      1. I like the french toast there! It's a great place (but with no ambiance ... except that of a bare greasy spoon diner)

        1. The only breakfast joint I've ever been to where they get hash browns extra crispy RIGHT every time.
          coffee Shop of the year!

          1. I've been going to Bobby's since I was nine or so (that's over 30 years now!)...It's always been a consistently great breakfast spot...The food comes exactly as you order it and the service is unrivaled...Mmmm...Now I'm craving eggs over medium with bacon and crispy hash browns...Damn!