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Sep 25, 2007 07:32 AM

North Shore Function Room

I'm in need of a function for for approx. 30 people plus children. I'm looking for a restaurant (Italian would be first choice) with a seperate room for functions (not just half of the restaurant) like Molise or Gaetano's. A door would be nice to hold the kids in and not disturb others. I am not really interested in a function hall like Spinnelli's or Casa De Fior. I would like something in Stoneham, Wakefield, Reading, Melrose area. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. We attended a nice birthday party last year in the back room of the Legal Seafoods at the North Shore mall.

    1. PortoBello in Wakefield has a separate room but no door that I can recall. Here are notes from my research (no guarantees of accuracy on prices) when planning a bridal shower earlier this year (We went with Molise and enjoyed it very much. Since we planned it on a Saturday afternoon, we had the restaurant to ourselves since they normally aren't open at that time.

      Spinelli's, Lynnfield
      50 person minimum, brunch menu $24

      The Continental, Saugus
      no website
      speak to Roger
      Brunch $23.75 includes gratuity

      La Stanza Diva, Woburn
      menus start at $25pp
      Their back room accommodates 40

      Ristorante Molise, Wakefield
      (781) 245-9169
      small menu from dinner menu, 6-8 choices
      dinners come with soup or salad
      can bring own cake/centerpieces
      price is from dinner menu $17-22pp
      appetizers family style or buffet appetizers,

      Carabbas, Lynnfield
      room takes 35-40 people

      Polcari's in Woburn
      $105 room charge
      buffet menu @
      12-18 people per pan of food

      Donatello, Saugus
      App, Soup, Entree (pick one or can have 3
      )$33.50- $39
      private room from 12-4

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        I second the recommendation for Donatello. There's a nice private room , the food is very good, and the service is accommodating and pleasant.

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          Thank you so much Chris VR - those suggestions absolutely help!

        2. Try the newly opened Ship restaurant in Lynnfield with an Italian Chef! The food is very good.

          1. Finz in Salem is a bit beyond your area but has a private upstairs room with a door for private functions.

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              It was 8 years ago they were looking for this, but maybe they've moved! :)

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                Think of it as Updated Information.