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Sep 25, 2007 07:18 AM

2 nights, need dinner plans, near Tampa Airport

Will be in the area for 2 nights (staying at the Intercontinental Hotel on West Kennedy Blvd) and am without a car. Would like one night of fish/sushi and one night of something else "typically tampa". Awaiting suggestions! TIA

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  1. Take a cab over to Arco Iris on Columbus Dr. for a great meal of Cuban food. Inexpensive and great food!


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    1. re: RibDog

      Thanks, RibDog, for the suggestion!

    2. For your fish/sushi night, I highly recommend Roy's, which also happens to be near the airport. They fly their fish in daily, have creative sushi, and outstanding ambience and service.

      For something typically Tampa, three ideas: Columbia in Ybor is an icon of Cuban Tampa, in a historic building and neighborhood; Bern's in Soho/Hyde Park is an institution, specializing in steak but with excellent food in general in a rather old-world, throwback atmosphere; Malio's is another Tampa institution a high-end steakhouse that just reopened downtown to rave reviews.

      If you search this board you'll find many contradictory reviews of Columbia and Bern's...

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        Thanks, Miss E-- you nailed it! I'd reviewed the Tampa board and decided that consensus wasn't quite reached. Thanks for your suggestions!

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          My two suggestions would be Roy's and Sidebern's (thus avoiding the whole Berns/Columbia issue).

          Just thought I'd throw those in!

      2. You are also right by International Mall which has Cafe Japon which alot of people recommend for sushi.

        1. I would second the recommendation for SideBerns. You can always just do the desert room at Bern's - yummy. they just updated their desert menu too
          There's a place in S. Tampa called Circles - which has been there for a while good food
          For fish you can try Mitchell's Fish Market - I've only been there once but it was very good, close to your hotel.
          My favorite Sushi place is Koba's - service is a little slow but the sushi is always good

          1. Update:

            Well... Once there was a football game and a very odd taxi driver.....
            Despite our best wishes we were taken to Ybor City and dropped off in front of Columbia restaurant, and ended up with a quite nice dinner. The best plans do sometimes get mis-layed.
            Many thanks to all for the ideas, which we will hope to implement and not have highjacked on our next visit!

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              I'm glad it turned out OK. We do have some odd cabbies in town.....What did you have for dinner?