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Sep 25, 2007 06:41 AM

Pam Spray?

A friend sprays Pam Olive Oil on her salad instead of usin EVOO fom a bottle. Is that OK to do? I don't even know if there is EVOO Pam so I don't know if you'd be getting the same benefits. Any comments?

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  1. oil in a spray can has additives (emulsifiers and alcohol) so it can be sprayable

    1. Well, on the plus side, the Pam probably cuts back on the fat content of the salad, since a light mist gives you better coverage than a bigger drizzle from the bottle. However, the quality and flavour of said oil are probably very poor when compared to the real deal, and there are all sorts of additives in the Pam that you won't find in proper EVOO.

      I think you'd be a wonderful friend if you bought her an oil mister as a gift, so that she could spray her salad with REAL olive oil instead. :)

      1. I think there is EVOO Pam, but I prefer to put my olive oil of choice in an oil mister--similar to this one.


        1. doesn't kraft make dressing in a spray bottle now? it still has kraft additives but at least it was made to be used as a dressing

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            Wishbone makes Salad Spritzers which aren't horrid but there's more HFCS and water in there than anything else. It isn't bad and if the idea here is to reduce calories it is ok.

            I use the bottle currently to spritz my own olive oil on salad. As someone mentioned, it isn't as fine of a mist because there's no junk in there, but it works.

            Neither the EVOO Pam or Wishbone is going to give the same health benefits as regular olive oil if health is the object. A fine spray is going to be too little olive oil to matter much.

          2. If by "is that ok to do," you mean is it going to hurt you, no. They suggest spraying it on cooked pasta as a flavoring. It's ok to eat without "cooking."

            As for whether or not I'd suggest doing so, THAT's another matter. It sounds really yucky to me! And I doubt you are getting any of the health benefits that you get from real olive oil.