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Sep 25, 2007 06:38 AM

One night out in Baltimore -- where should we eat?

NY hounds going to be in Baltimore this Friday. Staying downtown near the harbor. Very last minute, and no reservations yet. Looking for the one, shouldn't miss restaurant, that will not be more than 100 per person before tax and tip. Nothing too stuffy or formal please. Thanks in advance for all your help!

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  1. any favorite types of cuisines? anything you dislike? that would help

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    1. re: pamd

      We are both adventurous eaters, love all things seafood, including sushi -- and probably dont want a steakhouse or italian. Thx!

    2. 2 off the top of my head:
      Henningers Tavern in Fells Point (
      )Mamas on the Half Shell in Canton

      both are a quick cab ride from the Inner Harbor!

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      1. re: hon

        Charleston is formal, but I think it is the best place in Baltimore.

        1. re: Annapolis07

          Agreed Charleston is formal, but I personally don't think it's stuffy. Fabulous food, with a "create your own tasting menu" approach. You can do $100/person if you stick with three courses + dessert (included in the price). But that DOESN'T include any drinks. I'm partial to the half-pour wine pairings.

          Also -- will you be dining before or after the Yankees game? :-)

          1. re: bordeauxfan

            Charleston look great, thanks! And unfortunately, not going to get to catch the game (I am, admittedly, a huge Yanks fan -- although the SO is from Md and a diehard O's fan). We are coming down for a wedding.

      2. I'm not sure if there is any Afghan in NYC like Helmand. An excellent place.

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          I'm sure you will be pleased at Charleston...I think it's fantastic

        2. Can anyone also recommend someplace for late night eats -- either near the harbor and Johns Hopkins?

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          1. re: kiworan79

            late night...paper moon or dizzy izzies (very, very tasty burgers).

            BOP in Fells is open late (but skip it and get the gelato next door - open 'til 2 i think)

          2. You should be very happy with Charleston. It's easily as good as many of NY's best. Sadly you can't say that about too many other restaurant's here.
            Now, if only Eric Ripert were opening a new place here instead of DC we might have had one more good one.
            Go Yankees!!!!!! :)