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Sep 25, 2007 06:26 AM

Local Thanksgiving

I'm planning on putting together a locally-sourced Thanksgiving dinner and am looking for suggestions, especially for a good source for local turkeys. Has anyone tried the turkeys from Les Fermes Saint-Vincent? They are local and organic and sell at both Jean-Talon and Atwater. Other sources? Any and all tips appreciated!

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  1. Another place I really like for all manner of poultry is Fernando's on Roy, about half way between St-Denis and St-Laurent. Volailles et Gibiers Fernando
    116, rue Roy Montréal Tél: (514) 843-6652

    No, I've bought organic chickens from Les Fermes St-Vincent, but never a turkey. Too big for my household.

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      I second Fernando's. Though I've never bought turkey (again too big for my household), everything else I bought from there were excellent. Nice people too.

    2. Morgan Farm (www.fermemorgan) sells organic turkeys. They will be at the Outremont Organic market for the next Sundays.

      1. We had an organic turkery from Les Fermes Saint-Vincent a couple of years ago and it was GREAT! But quite expensive! I think I paid nearly $50! I don't remember how big it was.

        1. Thank you all! Do you happen to know, offhand, if Fernando's poultry is locally raised? I will just have to swing by and check them out, I guess. I love discovering new butchers.

          Does anyone have a preferred farm (near island of Montreal) that they like to visit for veg, fruits, meats, etc?

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            I passed by les Fermes St-Vincent; the organic turkeys are $15,95 kg. So a big one would be more than $50. They have ones from about 2kg, though. However it is better to reserve.

            Fernando's is Québec-raised, but I believe the farm is near Drummondville.

          2. Hi there,
            Just stumbled onto this site and read about your attempt to have a locally-sourced Thanksgiving. I work at CBC Radio and we're going to be doing a series on living local. Can you contact me asap and let me know how it went?

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              Ann, is that part of the Montreal Matters about the environment?

              There was an excellent organic fair this summer at la TOHU - I started a thread about it on this board - that is an annual initiative, and most of the producers were local. You might also want to contact the local slow food convivium and of course speak to local producers at the major farmers' markets, and at the organic market still on in Outremont on Sundays (Once again, there is a thread about that on this board - easy to search).