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Sep 25, 2007 02:20 AM

Where to eat/avoid at the O2?

With a big selection of restaurants has anyone had a decent meal there before a show? I'm not expecting anything gourmet with all of the chain restaurants, but looking for the best option.

We made the mistake of trying Tapa Tapa which was awful. The service was poor and the food was even worse.

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  1. OMG!

    The first time I went there (to see The Blind Boys of Alabama) we walked up and down its 'restaurant zone' trying to divine what might the lesser of the evils presented.

    Finally, and for reasons I can't explain we settled on Inc!. The food could have been better cooked by a hyena and they ended up having to comp the meal. The only redeeming factor, was the charming and beautiful waitress from Lyon. I lived there for a while. I can only begin to imagine the combination of disgust, bemusement and embarrassment she must have felt at having to serve up such swill!

    Next time (Prince) we went to the S + M cafe, on the basis that you cannot easily, wreck sausage and mash.

    The place reminds me of Las Vegas without the slot machines.