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Sep 25, 2007 12:44 AM

Best Imperial Roll in LA

After experiencing Tu Lan in San Francisco's Tenderloin district, I have been wandering the culinary wastes in search of anything remotely close. Most Vietnamese restaurants try to serve off typical egg rolls as imperial rolls. My bun cha will never truly be complete without that fried goodness to accompany my grilled pork. It's a Greek Tragedy really. Can anyone help re-unite these two lovers?

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  1. I love the ones at a GINGERGRASS in Silverlake.
    I have no clue if they are authentic, but hey sure are crisy, flakey, and fresh, served with a ton of fresh, crunchy, and green leafy goodies.
    The suaces are fantastic too!

    1. Excellent cha gio at Pho So 1 in Van Nuys and Vietnam House in San Gabriel. I'm sure there are plenty in Little Saigon as well.

      1. Ba Le Valley, on DeSoto just north of Sherman Way in ... hmm, Reseda?, has terrific imperial rolls, served with lettuce, mint, basil, and dipping sauce. (If they bring basil without mint or vice-versa, ask for the other and they'll bring it right away.)

          1. re: Ernie

            without question, it's golden deli. i've probably had the imperial rolls at about 20 different places in my lifetime, and no one comes close to golden deli.

            jonathan gold has written about them, too

          2. I'm assuming you're talking about cha goi made with rice paper, which is thin and mostly translucent until deep fried. Golden Deli in San Gabriel would be a good choice, and I'm sure there are plenty of decent places in Little Saigon. Here are some reviews of Vietnamese restaurants in the SGV: