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Sep 24, 2007 10:22 PM

Need a restaurant recommendation in Stockholm

I've heard good things about new Swedish cuisine but I am having trouble coming across specific recommendations. If I only eat at one nice place while in Stockholm, where should I go?

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  1. In the city the place that works most with Swedish ingredients (both normal and lost) and modernized classics is Leijontornet in the Old Town, Gamla Stan.

    Last time I was there the room was very striking as well.

    1. Mathias Dahlgren at Grand Hotel is the buzz right now in Stockholm excellent nordic food i love it. Leijontornet is also a good choice. The bar at Leijontornet is excellent and cheap my favorite hang out.

      1. A few years ago I was in Stockholm with my sister and we had a very, very cool dinner at a place called Clas pa Hornet (I think it's "Claus's on the Corner"?) Anyway it's an inn that was built in 1731 (delightful-looking rooms). The dining room is like being in somebdoy's nice old house, with candles in the windows. They specialize in traditional Swedish cooking. We split an appetizer plate of herring done 7 different ways and another of whitefish roe, and I remember I had reindeer with lignonberries (heavenly) and for dessert, we had a warm, sweet soup made from rose hips and honey. It was all marvelous-the atmosphere, the food-just everything.
        There is an Englaish link on this website-the menu link is located to the far right of the home page. It looks small but I remember it having more things-maybe there are a lot of specials that they don't add to the website.