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Sep 24, 2007 09:47 PM

Yakima--Good Lunch Spot on a Saturday?

Any suggestions? I'll be travelling through this Saturday. I don't really want to make reservations, as I don't know what time I'll arrive. I'm looking for a quickish lunch as I am travelling through. I like any and all genres of cuisine. I do not wish to veer too far afield from the freeway.


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  1. Can't go wrong with a nice, juicy burger from Miner's! They are off one of the Union Gap exits. Watch for signs on the freeway and you should be able to find it just fine. Other than that I can't think of two many decent lunch spots - mostly just fast food chains.

    1. Antojitos Mexicanos - 2201 W Lincoln Ave (509-248-2626), is just west of N. 1st Ave by about 1.5 miles. Located in a tiny strip mall, they crank out the tastiest Mexican food we've had in the state. We tried both lunch and dinner here - burrito, tacos (lomo, pollo azada and al carbon), carne al carbon and a rainbow of salsas. GO THERE!

      It isn't a fancy place, but nice enough for dinner and CHEAP. Lunch specials were about $5-7 and dinner entrees topped out at around $15. They serve margaritas and cervezas too.

      We have literally been searching for a chance to make it back to Yakima just to eat there again.

      In Selah, King's Row burgers was great. Miner's seemed a bit overpriced, but we only had shakes there.