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Sep 24, 2007 09:45 PM

Help! Romantic Dining for anniversary dinner in Connecticut

Hey Chowhounds,

I need to find a romantic place with a cozy atmosphere and great food for my anniversary dinner. Anywhere in CT is okay, but located in the New Haven area so the closer the better. I would really like a place outside of the city and possibly with a nice view as our anniversary takes place during the fall. Read a lot of good reviews for Cafe Routier but looking for some other unique suggestions. Thanks a lot!!

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  1. Any special cuisine or price range? Maybe the Copper Beech Inn?

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    1. re: madisoneats

      No set price range--willing to pay for a good dinner. I will look into Copper Beach, thanks!

    2. you have a few great suggestions. Let me add River Tavern in Chester which is also down the street from Du Village. I would stick with Pipps at Copper Beach. CR or River Tavern

      1. In Branford: Le Petit - is small but the service is excellent and the food superb! Che Tango has a view and food is very good. Others: Tenderloins and Foe. Dockside (used to be Martin's Dockside) has a view and good food. Also, in Branford - Assagio (very pricey).

        In Guilford - Guilford Mooring is great for seafood and has a view.

        You might check for online menus. (CT restaurant menus)

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        1. re: Shoreliner

          I would nix Guilford Moor-- not really romantic, but a nice place nonetheless. Stone House in Guilford is romantic and on the water.

        2. Haven't been there in a while, but I remember that Chester Inn had a pleasant setting and fabulous desserts. Copper Beech is good (and expensive). Routier has good food but doesn't have much of a view.

          1. Cafe Routier is really good. Dockside in Branford not for a romantic dinner or for good food. Also, stay away from Guilford is horrible.
            Stonehouse is really good but the atmosphere can be a little stuffy unless you sit in the bar, which is not what you are looking for.
            I would go with Le Petit Cafe in Branford as suggested. Close to New Haven and
            wonderful food and service.