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Sep 24, 2007 09:34 PM

Where to take guests in Seattle...but lots of restrictions

Hello all,

I am trying to find a place in or very near Seattle to take some out-of-town guests. We'll have a large party of guests and new WA residents, and trying to find something that will meet all the criteria is giving me a headache! For example, I am vegan, and the place has to have SOMETHING I can eat, even if it's just side dishes. Our guests are from Hawaii, so Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc.) is out. I have already selected an Indian place for our "girl's night out", so Indian won't work. A few in the party are budget conscious, so the place can't cost and arm and a leg. A chain would be ok, IF it's a nice chain and IF the chain doesn't have a presence in Hawaii. Greek, Mediterranean, Italian, American, etc. would all work. Mexican is a little dicier, since one of the party only likes "fake Mexican food" (read: Taco Bell). Something with a Northwest flair would be ideal, but that's probably asking a bit much at this point.

Is there anywhere that fits the bill?

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  1. What about Italian style pizza at Via Tribunali (or Tutta Bella, but I don't like TB as much)? It's delicious, inexpensive, unique (compared to the crappy but ubiquitous American style pizza) but still has wide appeal. You can get great pizza and decent wine quite inexpensively ($15/person for a pizza and a glass).

    I'm curious why all Asian is out--it's been my experience that restaurant Asian in Hawaii is often quite bad, and it's very possible your guests have never had, say, top notch (but inexpensive) Vietnamese like Green Leaf or Tamarind Tree (better for a large group) .

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      Oh-and I didn't forget you were vegan-VT has a couple non-cheese topped pizzas on their menu.

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        i can understand why the OP says Asian is out... there is some fantastic Asian food in Hawaii, ranging from the food court in the (Ala Moana) shopping center in Honolulu to Alan Wong's restaurant which is ranked by Gourmet magazine as the #8 restaurant in the USA....

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          You hit the nail on the head, barleywino. There is some GREAT Asian food in Hawaii. Moreover, Asian and Asian derivations are the standard, default choices there. In Hawaii, it is "OUR" cuisine: even if it isn't authentic, we think we do it right. So, taking someone from Hawaii to an Asian place is a little like taking a Southerner to a BBQ place. Even if the place is fantastic, it won't be as good as "home".

      2. How about the Pink Door? Italian with a NW flair, reasonable. Any decent place in Seattle ought to be able to serve a vegan. Ray's Cafe is another good option. Neither is cheap but one can eat reasonably at either -- though not if some people order expensive dishes and drinks and then everyone splits the bill evenly.

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          Great suggestions! I looked at both of these, and they both seem to fit the bill. I've sent links to these restaurants to the group decision makers, and I am hoping they'll win their approval. Cross your fingers! Thanks a bunch!

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            good advice for both ray's and pink door - you might also want to consider steelhead diner (1st/pine) where i have successfully (and cheaply) entertained vegan guests - high quality diner cuisine with a distinct northwest flair and choices from $5 to $25 - full bar, northwest wines and a view (not as nice as ray's)