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Mar 16, 2006 11:17 PM

Kerala or Goan restaurants?

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I'm recently back from a trip to South India and am craving the food of Kerala and Goa. I'm in the easy bay but will happily drive to just about anywhere for a good meal.

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  1. You and Robert Lauriston...


    1. I'll happily drive to the easy bay - where is that?

      1. just got back from a great meal at viva goa. spicing was a little mild (despite our request for spicy), but otherwise enjoyable.

        the sorpotel was especially good - didn't even taste like offal. prawn curry, mussels, veggie xacutl and veggei vindaloo were also all great.

        loved the atmosphere too - which my friends told me was very authentically goan - very relaxed/chill vibe, jazz music, pictures of the sea (and very "relaxed" (slow) service to go with it.

        also had the bebinka for dessert - kind of tasted like gingerbread, but still refreshingly different form the standard five desserts you see on every other indian dessert menu.

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            wow - totally forgot to mention comparisons. i actually thought the food at gajalee was slightly better, but gajalee's cuisine is a little bit broader, as they even call themselves "coastal indian cuisine" with a lot of malvani and konkani influences whereas viva goa is strictly goan - gajalee doesn't have portuguese-influenced items like vindaloo or any pork, for that matter.

          2. I think that Red Chilis 167 S. Main St.,Milpitas CA 95035 is the only Keralan Restaurant in the area. There Menu definitly reads Kerala but it gets mixed reviews. I have not been so can not vouch for it.

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              Didn't know about Red Chillies, thanks. Here's the "About" section of its website,

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                Red Chilis is very uneven. Their appams are good.

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                  So I guess the mixed reviews are for good reason. Have had any of their other Keralan Dishes?