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Sep 24, 2007 09:28 PM

Stage West Dinner Theatre

I'm attending a dinner and theater show tomorrow night. The dinner is buffet (I know), and I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me what I should expect.

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  1. Make sure you eat before you get there (and not for lack of food).

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    1. re: Ben Reiner

      Havent been in years, the food is nmerely adequate. They do come up with novel ways to serve mashed potatoes. I think their are one of the last places you can find jello whip and chill masquerading as a dessert. Emphasis is on bar drinks.

      1. re: robgm

        It's quite a small buffet, and nothing special. If I recall correctly, the buffet room is divided by two buffet tables, both of which served the same dishes. I guess it's to move the traffic along. I remember overcooked roast beef, some overcooked chicken dish (it was smothered in some kind of sauce with vegetables), crappy desserts (looks like something you would find at Cost Co in their sweets department), awful pasta...and lousy service at the tables. My family went because my mother happens to like dinner theatre, but I found the whole experience just very cheesy.

      2. I went 10 years ago and tired my first oyster here. Why? I was young stupid and naive. I suffered through the show. I'm not gonna strictly say the oyster was off, but it dominates my memory of Stage West. Stick to the mediocre safe bets.

        1. Thanks for your input everyone. Wish me luck tackling through the food tonight! I'll let you know how I made out

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          1. re: jen2202

            I was wondering how your evening went because we'll be there next Wednesday? How was the buffet? Could you find anything decent to eat? They certainly charge enough for the dinner/theatre so why do they get away with such mediocre food? Are most of their clientele large bus groups? Anyways, our friends arranged this evening so we have no choice but to grin and bear it. At the very least, I hope that you enjoyed the show. Please let me know.

            1. re: finefoodfriend

              Just ate there last night. As buffets go, I find it generally better than average (although there have been some disasters in the past.)
              From the cold selections, there's usually about a half dozen assorted smoked fish that are quite good. If they're serving lobsters, pass them by. They're the baby canners with hardly any meat on them. Above average Caesar salad.
              The hot dishes this time around included a very tasty cod with a nice crumb crust, some pleasantly spicy vegetable samosas and an interesting cheese-stuffed pork tenderloin. Lots of vegetable choices, not overcooked to typical steam-table limpness.
              I usually avoid the ever-present hand-carved roast beef, finding it not always that flavorful.
              And most of the desserts look far better than they taste. Except the rice pudding.
              All in all, you should have a good time. The show is a better than average one as well.

              1. re: rsvp7777

                Thanks for the informative reply. It sounds like there's hope for some kind of edible dinner for us. We'll just have to drink lots of wine!

              2. re: finefoodfriend

                The food was ok, looks like i had the same buffet as rsvp7777. I actually had the roast beef and was suprised because i felt it was above average (still not amazing though). The dessert was ok as well, i love black cherry ice cream, and that was one of the selections so i was happy! The service was good. IMHO, been there done that, i wont be back, but i did not leave hungry.