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Sep 24, 2007 08:54 PM

Jade ...the old gum fung

they are open... i went in and got ignored for 3 min, then the party of 6 behind me got seated. after that the host just ponted to a center table and said sit there. after seeing just 2 carts, for 11am on monday, i just turned around and left. bad first impression, gum fung usually had 15-20 tables full by 11am, there was 4 tables full and felt i better try again another time.

dam i miss gum fung

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  1. Try Gala Manor. It's equivalent to Gum Fung.

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    1. re: budcar

      Try Ocean Jewels.Also as good as Gum Fong

      1. re: albee

        went to gala manor after leaving jade, and was not impressed, was there before and had same experience, 1 out of 3 dishes was cold, another was overcooked. i will try ocean jewels, i passed it and thought i shulda gone there instead. i ended up at little pepper after gala manor for wonton and chili oil soup with tea smoked duck 1/2. never fails to please me :)