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Sep 24, 2007 08:53 PM

I am better than you

For I have had mangosteens. You may now call me your fruit king, and bow down to me. Line up your women in a single-file line, and make sure you kneel when you offer your tribute. If you do not bore me, I may be generous enough to regale you with my knowledge of fruits from the farthest corners of the orient. HAZA!

But seriously I read about the mangosteens coming into NYC from that grower in Puerto Rico and went into the city to get some. I got 1 lb (4 mangosteens) for $45 at The Orchard in Brooklyn. Hey had to try it once in my life.

The flesh had a soft, melting texture (it really does melt in your mouth as they say), and had the perfect balance of sweet and slight sourness, and a general fruity flavor with hints of strawberry and lychee - lychee is definitely a flavor that a lot of people will detect. One flaw though is that the flesh doesn't separate easily from the seed.

It was pretty tasty, but not amazing to me. Not what I would call one of the best fruits, regardless of its reputation. It probably is better super-fresh in Southeast Asia (the ones I bought had been shipped the week before, so the flesh was discoloring a bit around the seed), but still just not that amazing to me. I still much prefer the durians I buy in NYC. This is probably because I really need/like/prefer strong flavors, what with me burning myself with hot peppers all the time (it does dull your sense of taste).

When/if I ever make my trip to Southeast Asia to gorge myself on their fresh durians and other awesome and numerous fruits, I definitely will eat a lot of mangosteens. But at its current price (in America), I won't be eating it too often in America. Again, I prefer to spend my money on the Durians.

Pictures I took below

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  1. You are indeed better than me. I remember getting a kilo of mangosteens for about $1.00 in Myanmar. Was with my weed scientist friend originally from OZ; and mangosteen was his favorite fruit. He thought we paid too much. Of course, I paid $31 for a shower the other day (in an airport between two looong flights). Price is depends on willingness to pay.

    1. Mmmmmm, the mangosteens I had in Bangkok at the end of July rocked my world, and only 10 Baht (30 cents?) for a bag of ten or twelve. Yum, thanks for reminding me, but now I'm salivating, and I can't get more!

      1. how come mangosteens are hard to get/expensive in the US? I'm in Toronto and they're in Chinatown all the time.

        Edit :

        Nevermind - Wiki says FDA only approved of irradiation to prevent the asian fruit fly this July.

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          1. I don't get it, they sell mangosteens in Chinatown/Chinese markets in Queens for $8-10 a pound. $45???

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            1. re: janethepain

              These may be frozen ones you're getting. Then again, Thailand's minister of agriculture recently announced that the USDA had approved irradiation facilities in that country and that fresh one would be coming in late September.

              Where in Queens exactly are these places?

              1. re: peanuttree

                Ohh ok, you had to pay that much because they were fresh? Yeah, the ones I'm talking about were frozen (I haven't been able to try them yet). My parents go food shopping in large Asian supermarkets in Queens and that's where they've seen them, I would assume a lot of them carry mangosteens now.