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Sep 24, 2007 08:44 PM

Bravo Taqueria (Redwood City) - quite good!

I stopped at Bravo Taqueria on Woodside Road in Redwood City this evening. They bill themselves as serving Healthy Homemade Mexican Food. I think that's accurate, and they're really more than a taqueria. I had their grilled fish (Red Snapper) filet plate. It arrived with a generous serving of very nice looking grilled fish, rice (the light brown type), mixed vegetables, and tortillas (choice of corn or flour). All for $9! The fish was excellent, not really seasoned much at all but just quite good grilled fish. The rice was probably the best of its type I've ever had. The vegetables might have been frozen but were very tasty, somehow flavored but without a sauce. The tortillas were just OK, nothing special, but held ingredients nicely for a try at do-it-youself fish tacos. They have a large menu, with stardard taqueria items plus several things you don't expect to see at a taqueria (like my meal). There's a salsa bar with six good salsas and other condiments. If you go, skip the fish taco plate (also $9) which I had the one time I stopped there previously; the fish tacos were unremarkable to me and not at all as appealing as the grilled fish plate.

Bravo Taqueria
980 Woodside Rd.
Redwood City

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  1. I'm glad to see Bravo getting some recognition - they're so good, and so close to downtown RWC. I lived next to them for years, and could rely on them for consistently healthy, full-flavored burritos, moles, tacos, etc. I really didn't miss the manteca. Give it a try - it's a find for those who don't feel like falling asleep after lunch.

    Take Woodside west from El Camino, they're a mile or so up on your right, just after 5th quarter pizza and the Safeway.

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      Thanks for the directions - sounds good.

    2. Woo hoo ... a link that worked. I guess that recent tip to fully spell out the city and include the comma might work ... it did for this one. Thanks for the tip on Bravo.

      Bravo Taqueria
      980 Woodside Rd, Redwood City, CA 94061

      1. As the resident Mexican arse.... I have to call b.s... I don't see any healthy home style Mexican cooking on their menu... there are things that are somewhat close... but to me they are more American home cooking with Mexican flavors... here is what I mean:

        > That Grilled Fish dish.... in Mexican homecooking would generally be a smaller portion of fish... & would be preceeded with a vegetables soup not flavorless dry vegetables, & would be paired with tortillas and not rice. The distinction here is that the soup base is made from roasted, pureed tomatoes & dried chiles which adds vitamins & antioxidants... and you don't have the double starch. The smaller fish course might be followed up with a bean dish, and then some candied or fresh fruits...

        > At someones home the Shrimp dishes would be served with half a plate of Calabacitas sudadas... lightly sauced & with some herbs.

        > A Pork in salsa verde dish would use the pork mostly to flavor the sauce that would then accomodate a bunch of wilted Quelites (wild greens) & roasted potatoes.

        Places that actually cook home style meals (the way any migrant farmworker cooks at home etc.,) are very rare.

        1. The original comment has been removed