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Sep 24, 2007 08:33 PM

Bitter fry's at Mc D's?

my last two trips to Mc Donalds were about 2 to 3 weeks apart, but i noticed a strong bitter aftertaste from the French fry' it just me ,or has someone else noticed this?

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  1. I had not been in 10 years and was craving the fries a few months ago...I don't remember bitter but the relentless lard layer that formed in my mouth was almost industrial! I had to wash my mouth out with Sauvignon Blanc to break it free...gastly, unwholy film. Never again.

    1. Any chance they are testing some trans-fat-free oil on you? Wendy's is all trans-fat-free oil now for fries, all across the chain, but McD's is not there yet as far as I know, so they could be testing....

      1. I had heard they were "test marketing" the new oil formulation, but they won't say where and they won't say when it's being rolled out, so no one knows when it's been done.
        I hate food police -- I WANT my french fries to be bad for me. That's the whole point of french fries.

        1. as someone with an unfortunate amount of fast food experience - you probably just frequented a McD's that doesn't change its fry oil often enough.

          maybe try a different location.

          1. It's not just McDonald's. New federal standards for frying oil, notably Clear Fry type oils are just nasty. They have a bitter aftertaste, stick to the inside of your mouth, and heaven help you if the food is fried improperly or is allowed to cool off, then the after taste jumps right out at you.

            These "healthy" no trans-fat oils don't cook well, and have a horrible after taste.

            Want to see the difference? Most Popeye's fried chicken chains don't use the Clear Fry stuff, their food is SOOOO much better. Or try cooking something at home in the less healthy bacon grease or lard. You wont' BELIEVE the difference in flavor.

            If the Federal Government has decided to kick us all off of fried food, this is a great way to do it.