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Website Where You Input Ingredients to Get Recipe

Is there a website where you can type in all the ingredients you have on hand and then it will come up with a recipe? Right now I have left over spaghetti noodles, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, although very little, and chicken breast. I'm sure there's some easy pasta salad recipe, but so far all the ones I found require Italian dressing, and I don't want to go to the store. I hate trying something that someone else didn't try before. Guess I'll wing it tomorrow, but was still wondering about the site. Thanks.

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  1. I've never tried it but a friend sent me this;


    Good luck!

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      foodieview and epicurious are two more.

    2. it won't really do a custom recipe for you, but you can search allrecipes by ingredients. you can enter things you do AND don't want included, which i find can be pretty useful.


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        This site is good as it keeps offering new suggestions every time you select a recipe plus there is feedback so if something is a dud, you'll know before you try it.

        I've had some good luck with google as well.

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          second. Can't count the number of times I've plunked the names of ingredients plus the word "recipe" into Google and gotten appropriate results. Plus you're not limited to a single site--you can get recipes from unexpected sources!

        2. boltnut55: You already have "Italian dressing" on hand. It's just oil and vinegar, although invariably seasoned with herbs or whatnot. If you have some dried basil, oregano, and/or thyme in the pantry then you don't need to go buy bottled dressing (which is never going to be as good as your homemade olive-oil-and-balsamic-vinegar verison. The commercial dressings use cheap oils and usually have additives).

          Personally, I think one of the pleasures of cooking is trying original ideas. Why not just take the plunge and play with your food?

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            That's my problem. I can't! OK, actually due to desperation, I used olive oil and what was left of my balsamic vinegar as the dressing, so now I have a cold pasta salad ready for lunch (for me) and dinner for the family. Thanks. I'm just scared.

            I have a box of "italian seasoning" that DH bought. I should see what's really in it.

            Anyway, thanks for validating what I made <sigh> I swear, 41 years old, and still can't cook!

          2. http://www.supercook.com/ haven't used it, but that's the concept of the site.

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              I use SuperCook and highly recommend! (http://www.supercook.com)
              It searches all of the popular recipe sites, allows you to save them, and create a shopping list. It will also suggest recipes that require additional items prompting you to verify that you have them or add to your shopping list. The old site version (you can switch to it) enables viewing the recipes by All, Starters, Entrees & Deserts. The only improvement I would like to see is the option to build a shopping list that is brand specific.

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                Right? I'm 43 and the same goes for me! I need to just start and do SOMETHING!! (my husband cooks in our house...bless his heart)

              2. If you type in the key ingredients to the Search function at the epicurious site, www.epicurious.com, you usually can find some good ideas.

                I note that another poster has already pointed out that you can make your Italian dressing from scratch with the oi & vinegar: just keep the oil to vinegar at a 3:1 ratio, add some dried basil, oregano, salt & pepper, then taste and adjust the seasonings.

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                  Just noted that the OP is 4 years old, so I guess my advice in the 2d paragraph is a bit stale. But the 1st para. still holds. I usually look for recipes on Epicurious when I am trying to figure out how to make something based on ingredients on hand and lack inspiration.

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                    It's always good to update with new info. people often search google for things like this and the new info can help others.

                    Just wanted to note that the Epicurious App also has a cool little feature where you can add multiple ingredients and it will give you the recipes that contain them. It's nice to have on hand.

                2. If your still looking it's;o) Supercook.com

                  1. chicken thighs, rice krispies, parmesan cheese, egg whites, dry ranch dressing

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                      Try the websites mentioned upthread -- Epicurious and Supercook websites (among others) -- where you can type in those ingredients for suggested recipes.

                      If you are seeking suggestions from the ChowHound community for what to cook with those listed ingredients, you probably should start a new Post on Home Cooking with a title that will inform CH'ers that you want suggestions for those specific ingredients.

                    2. You can also do this at www.allrecipes.com. It also has a nice feature where you can exclude certain ingredients, which I love because prefer not to use recipes that include canned soup.

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                        That must cut down the applicable recipes on that site by about two thirds. Exclude ground beef & mayo and you're down to 10%

                      2. grapes, cheese, chicken, hamburgers

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                            I tried this site and found it to be a total fail. I entered blueberries and pork tenderloin, and it came up with recipes for blueberries and some for the pork, but nothing with both.

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                              You want to put blueberries on pork tenderloin?

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                                You might play around with this recipe for pork tenderloin with rhubarb chutney, substituting blueberries. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                                (I've never made it. Clipped earlier in the year when rhubarb was in season but then found other uses for the rhubarb.)

                            2. If you join eatyourbooks.com, and input your cookbooks, you can input an ingredient and get a list of every recipe in every book you own that uses that ingredient.

                              1. I would just dump all that together, add some spices and veggies and maybe nuts. Parm cheese would be good too. Salad...done!