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Sep 24, 2007 07:50 PM

Sat. night special

OK... Look at my previous posts, and you'll see I'm a giver as well as a taker, but this time I need your help..........

Looking for a spot for this saturday night, 5 mile radius from QA..... Dinner with my sister, friend, wife and me... we went to Betty last time they were here 3 weeks ago and loved it, Need another spot, Great food, Great Wine, Quiet enough to talk, loud enough to be anonomus.... Was thinking of Crow, but wanted to venture out..... Thoughts ?????

Volterra ? Anything else new in Ballard ? Haven't done belltown in a while, love Zoe, but a bit loud...Donna makes us feel like family at Marjories, but we want to experiment, but be happy....

Help us out........


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  1. I had a fabulous dinner at Portage not that long ago. I'd give them a try.

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    1. a booth at Barolo? (avoid the tables, seats are not as comfortable) or maybe a table in the lounge area (noisier)

      1. Bluedog67's suggestion for Boat Street is a fantastic option. If you like French food, and are okay with a slightly more casual atmosphere, consider Pair. I'm going tomorrow night. It's divine!

        1. Mondello in Magnolia -- great Italian food (pasta carbonara to die for, tiramisu that you can share but might not want to), casual atmosphere, cozy but it gets loud enough that you don't feel like anyone would eavesdrop. The same family also opened Sorrentino Trattoria and Pizzaria on QA Ave. which I haven't visited, but if the food is anything like Mondello, then don't miss it!

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            I did not know that Mondello and Sorrentino was the same owner - I LOVE Mondello, and had one BAD night at Sorrentino and haven't returned. I also posted this on the QA update thread, but would be curious to know if people like it there.

            We had to wait an HOUR from the time we ordered until food arrived, and we were there with kids. No apologies or explanations. Food was mediocre and one dish was just not good at all. It was a year ago, so would be willing to hear better info.