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Sep 24, 2007 07:22 PM

Little D in Park Slope

Had a reservation. The person who was in charge that night--and seated us--couldn't have been less kind. He treated us (four women) with great impatience and was very dismissive. The place seemed adorable and has an interesting concept of little plates.

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  1. Haven't been there in more than a least since the name change.
    We found the food to be acceptable, but, in general, felt there were better choices in the Slope for the same money.
    Never had any experiences as distasteful as yours.
    My philosophy, when faced with rudeness, is to speak up...or vote with my feet.
    Sorry about your experience...I'm sure four of you dropped at least $125 with wine: too big a price to pay for such treatment.

    1. haven't been yet, and i know one of the chefs(shameful, i know). i'll make him aware of this post to see what went wrong...

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        It is wonderful that the South Slope has a local establishment that serves small “meze” style dishes. In all my traveling in the eastern Mediterranean, I would dine exclusively on the meze model. A very nice husband (the chef) and wife(maître d') team own this independent restaurant. Not the kind of place, thankfully, that might have chefs per se i.e. executive sous chef, chef de partie etc.; however, I say ,use inside leverage and make the chef(s?) aware of the less than kind person (we know it is a male) in charge that night and find out what indeed went wrong, that night, remember to mention it was in fact, four women.