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Best Cape Cod Restaraunts by Cape Codders

Best seafood----------------- Jerrys Seafood, Rt 28 Yarmouth
Best Barbecue-------------- The Flying Pig , Rt 28 Yarmouth
Best Pizza--------------------Spiitus pizza, Commercila St. Provincetown
" " " West Main St. Hyannis

Can any one add more

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  1. OK, I'll Play....
    Best Fried Seafood-------------Cooke's, Rte 132 Hyannis
    Best Seafood--------------Brewster Fish House, Rte 6A Brewster
    Best BBQ--------------Brazilian Grille, Main St. Hyannis
    Best Pizza----------(by far) Palio's, Main St. Hyannis
    Best Sushi--------------Inaho, Rte 6A, Yarmouthport
    Best Boston-style Chinese-------Tiki Port, Rte 132 Hyannis
    Best Italian------------(tied) Alberto's, Main St. Hyannis.....Tomato's, Rte 130 Sandwich
    Best View-----------Mattakeese Wharf, Mill Way Rd. Barnstable
    Best Special Occasion-----28 Atlantic, Wequasett Inn, Harwichport
    Best Continental--------902 Main Street, Rte 28 So. Yarmouth
    Best New England Inn Style-----Daniel Webster Inn, Rte 130, Sandwich
    Best Tapas--------Abbicci, Rte 6A, Yarmouthport
    Best Place to Avoid----that's a whole thread unto itself

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      For Pizza I do love Palio's but also I adore Stella's in Orleans. Very similar. When I want Greek Style there is no comparison to George's Pizza in Harwichport. Ocean House in Dennisport is my favorite oceanfront special place off season for the 25.00 3 course menu. What a steal. My favorite ice cream is at Smuggler's in Dennis. For Sandwiches I head to the Mercantile next door. For Chinese we love Golden Fountain in Hyannis. Bangkok Cuisine in Dennis at the Patriot Sq. complex is very good Thai. For sushi we go to Misaki for the casual atmosphere and great lunch prices. I prefer the personality of the owner here vs Inaho which has superior sushi but a stuffy atmosphere. For a winter pub stop we go to Chatham Squire for chowder. If Wequasset Inn has tea still go there..fabulous experience. Red Pheasant is our winter stop for a cozy environment with a New England feel. One problem is I find it cold inside sometimes.

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        I'd love to see a thread about Cape Cod's "Best Places To Avoid". Recently, on our way back from Boston, we decided to stop by Lindsey's in Buzzards Bay. We'd been there several times over the years and had always come away satisfied customers. NOT THIS TIME. It started with the lousy coffee and ended with the dried-out, seemingly days-old "pot roast". We passed on dessert and headed for home, downhearted.

        I'd love to hear of others experiences in this regard. Warning shots are almost more valuable than recommendations.

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          Actually, I got flamed (somewhat) for starting the very thread you'd like to see. You can view it here....


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          2 new pizza places in Sandwich. Peppino's' technically bourne i think. excellent ny type pizza. and Carluccio's sandwich center. Jury is still out.
          where are you located on the cape. we will do lunch

          1. re: Amer5858

            Just tried Carluccio's for lunch. Small menu, only 4 sandwiches available. Opted to try the pizza. Just so-so. Crust was very doughy and sauce and cheese was nothing special. Sweet Tonatoes is still the best in the area by a landslide.

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              OMG is Peppino's still there??? Is this the same place that was there 30odd years ago? We used to eat there every time we vacationed on the Cape! That was a very long time ago.

              1. re: JennyOndioline

                this peppino's is new. it is on the road from 6A to the sagamore bridge it was formerly Anthony's something or other brand new owner and awesome pizza

            2. Flying Pig and Jerry's huh? Can't say I know a single local who would concur. Phelana's recs, however, are right on the money.

              1. Never heard of the Pig or Jerry's. Are they new and year round? Spiritus in Hyannis closed a few years back if I am not mistaken.

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                1. re: phelana

                  The thread starter rec'd Jerry Seafood and the flying Pig (along with Spiritus). These places are so bizarre it makes me question his/her connection to them. Jerry's has been on 28 in Yarmouth for years near Captain Parkers. It's always been a dirty and dingy clam shack with questionable food. It did change hands last season so perhaps it's different now but I'd have doubts it would have become "best of" anything. The Flying Pig is new. It opened across from Jerry's in the old Bloom's location (called the Black Rock Gille in its last incarnation). My friends have joked on the place wondering who in their right mind would open a restaurant on the Cape in the week after Labor Day....and a BBQ joint at that...in a dilapitated old building with little, if any renovation. Spiritus opened a second location on West Main street and is still operating. PTown is pretty good but I find the Hyannis food to be nothing special, much less "best of" material.

                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                    I don't know about Flying Pig. There is another BBQ place that we tried at the end of July -- Pig Out Premium BBQ on Station Ave -- and we had a decent meal there (for New England BBQ). I remember that the ribs were dry-rubbed and tender with a bit of "crust", the sauces had some nice spice, and the corn pudding side I ate was very yummy.

                    As for BBQ joints in dilapitated old buildings -- well, isn't that par for the course on BBQ joints? I will say that the place was a little hard to find (it doesn't face the road, but faces the mall), but is convenient to Route 6 (we ate lunch there on our way off the Cape).

                    1. re: MUGger

                      Pig Out seems to have gone out of business.

                    2. re: CapeCodGuy

                      I popped in here because I was looking for some good recs for a possible weekend getaway.... it always troubles me when someone touts a "great place" that's new or questionable, and it's the writer's first post ever.

                      1. re: irishnyc

                        Agreed....as this is the original poster's FIRST and ONLY post I would consider it highly suspect.

                  2. Best breakfast -- Moonakis Cafe in Waquoit, or The Mills in Marstons Mills
                    BBQ - Island Merchant in Hyannis. Absolutely not dilapidated. Upscale bar in a Main St storefront, with what would seem to be a real chef in the back.
                    Pizza - Palio in hyannis, or for thin crust, Sweet Tomatoes in Osterville or Siena in Mashpee
                    Italian -- Siena in Mashpee. Good basics (Caesar salad), and very good unusual things (wild boar anyone?)
                    Thai - Thai village, Hyannis
                    Chinese -- no place on the Cape. I'll risk getting flamed, but I'll even say that Peking Palace in Falmouth, while nicely renovated, has the same blah food as the rest of them. Try Stir Crazy on Rte 28 in N Falmouth for stir fry (not chinese, but close - cambodian or vietnamese I think)
                    Other interesting ethnic experiences worth checking out: Jamaican Nights wednesdays at Coonamesset Farm in North Falmouth; Abba in Orleans for high-end middle eastern-fusion; Brazilian Grill in Hyannis for lots of meat and caipirhinas.

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                    1. re: cape year rounder

                      Alas, the Mills has been gone for two years now. New ownership couldn't keep the standards of the old and went out of business after one year. LOVE Sweet Tomatoes, but much prefer the Sandwich location over the O'Ville one (different owners).

                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                        Actually the Mills is back. New owners (after the new owners), spruced up, a few less tables and pretty good. Wish my brunch gang would get over Persey's and go to the Mills.

                        1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

                          Good to hear! Just down the road for me so I'll give 'em a shot this weekend.

                      2. re: cape year rounder

                        Glad to see another recommendation for the Island Merchant. I have had two great meals there! The pulled pork is excellent. Great atmosphere too.

                      3. Alas, drove by the Flying Pig today and it's out of business wirh a For Sale Sign out on the building today. The end of an era having lasted all of three months.

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                          The Flying Pig was opened by the loser that used to manage the Roo Bar until his wife divorced him and he had to sell the business. He filed Bankruptcy and screwed to Florida owing loads of money. I think he and his crackhead girlfriend paid someone to write that review.

                        2. I have tried Jerry's Dairy Freeze on Rte 28 in West Yarmouth twice in the past few months and both dishes were excellent. The new owners seem to be of Greek descent and I have to say that their pastitsio (a daily special) was the best I have ever eaten. I also tried their gyro, and although the meat was not homemade, the sauce was very good. My wife had the fried clams, but she wasn't too thrilled (big bellies).

                          1. I'd have to disagree about Spiritus in P'town. Smells good, but the crust is often dry.

                            Best Italian is Buca's on 28 in Harwich. Tuscan food, great wine list. Every meal I've had there I liked.

                            BBQ place on Rt 6 in Eastham. Never can remember their name. Liked the ribs and pulled pork a lot. Great beans.

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                            1. re: donl149

                              Rte 6 Eastham BBQ = Coast. On the rotary, in the first HoJo's restaurant building built on the Cape.

                              1. re: cape year rounder

                                The Coast is in Orleans. The BBQ place in Eastham, I believe, is at the old Serena's. I'm not sure of the name. They used to be closer to Marconi Beach and then moved.

                                1. re: jillian

                                  It is called Russ and Maries-went there for the first time last summer and loved it.It is the old Serenas

                                  1. re: jillian

                                    Oh man -- it is embarrassing when you live in one part of the Cape and get towns at the other end mixed up.

                                    1. re: cape year rounder

                                      No Problem...I still get confused about Bourne, Wareham and I'm still not quite sure where Buzzards Bay is, exactly!

                                      1. re: jillian

                                        That's okay, I'm from Wareham, born and bred, and Buzzards Bay has always confused me. Parts are definitely Bourne, but my best friend through high school definitely lived in BBay, but she and the rest of the kids in her neighborhood went to school in Wareham. Never understood exactly what the boundaries were there.

                              2. I want to give a shout out to Pie in the Sky in Wood's Hole - great pastry, sandwiches, etc. and the guy who runs it is awesome - a true foodie.

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                                1. re: bostonbroad

                                  Best fried seafood Cream n' Cone in Chatham!!! Hands down!

                                  1. re: tammiteacher

                                    Kreme and Kone is okay...but many others are equal to or better.

                                2. Former Cape Cod resident, frequent Cape Cod visitor here.

                                  Best "Quintessential Cape Cod Experience": Wellfleet Beachcomber on Cahoon Hollow Beach.

                                  I fell in love with the beaches on the National Seashore the first day I walked across the parking lot at Cahoon Hollow and saw the gorgeous cliffs as far as you could see in each direction. That was almost 25 years ago and I still love it. The beaches with the cliffs on the ocean side are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Many Bostonians have never even been beyond Hyannis, never mind to the Ntl Seashore. It's worth the extra drive, especially if you can go during the week to avoid the crowds. It's a great place to play hookey.

                                  The Beachcomber Restaurant at the top of the cliff at Cahoon Hollow makes it even more special. I've enjoyed some of the freshest seafood you can get anywhere on the outdoor deck at the Beachcomber. From local lobster, steamers, mussels, scallops, fried clams, and freshly-shucked oysters and cherrystones, you can't beat the freshness and the quality anywhere unless you harvest the items yourself and cook them within minutes.


                                  - Gorgeous sunrises over the ocean.
                                  - Several miles of scenic shoreline.
                                  - Privacey within minutes if you want it.
                                  - Great surf .
                                  - People watching and partying.
                                  - Volleyball on the beach.
                                  - Clambakes on the beach.
                                  - Frequent whale and seal sitings.
                                  - Best bonfires in the hollows at night.
                                  - The Andrew Morgan and Joe Mathews Happy Hour.

                                  If you want a casual beach bar/restaurant with surrounding ambiance, this place is one of the best on the Cape, hands down. Have a great summer. See you at the "coma."

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                                  1. re: PJ Mac BJ

                                    In total agreement with The Beachcomber. We spent many a bleary-eyed afternoon sitting on the deck outside slurping the freshest oysters you could get your lips around washing them down with ice cold gin and tonics.

                                    1. re: MagnumWino

                                      In season Gina's by the Sea is pretty consistent. The menu is the same as 20 years ago or more. Same reliable friendly staff, cute location. Lovely fresh bread and butter, amazing salad with a lovely dijon dressing. Prices are fair.

                                      1. re: MagnumWino

                                        love the Comah...super raw bar..great music

                                    2. Heather in Mashpee -- former chef from The Regatta on her own and flying high with local ingredients, style and flair. Open just 1 year and very impressive. Not cheap. Giving Chilligsworth and others a run for their money.