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Sep 24, 2007 07:04 PM

Canned Jackfruit

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a supermarket that definitly carries canned jackfruit. I went to the Japanese supermarket downtown and wasn't able to find it. I'm out in the valley, so anything close to here would be nice!

Anyone seen at at India sweets and spices?


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  1. 99 Ranch in Van Nuys first comes to mind, but if you're interested in fresh jackfruit, I saw literally tons of it in Westminster on Saturday. Just about any mom&pop market will have it right now but I wouldn't wait - I am sure they will go fast...

    1. Be sure to check in a 99 Cent Store --- I found some canned jackfruit at my local one recently.

      1. Seafood City or Island Pacific markets in Panorama City has canned jackfruit.

        1. If you can make your way to Hawaii supermarket in San Gabriel, not only will you find canned jackfruit, you'll be able to buy fresh (not frozen) ones as well.

          1. Because I associate jackfruit with south-east Asian cuisine (esp Filipino but also Indonesian and maybe Malaysian) I would lean toward markets that are either pan-Asian like 99 Ranch or are Filipino-centric like Seafood City or Island Pacific.

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              I am about 90% sure that you can get it at Samosa House / Bharat Bazaar in Culver City. Give a call first.

              11510 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles California 90066
              Tel: 310-398-6766

              1. re: SauceSupreme

                Agreed. Sounds like the makings of halo-halo, so anywhere the Filipinos go, that's where you'll find it. I thought it was usually jarred, though.