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Sep 24, 2007 06:59 PM

Szechuan Legend - Review (Tasty)

My tongue is no longer numb. So here it goes.

First off, thanks for recommending this spot (RoyalJelly & FlavoursGal). It was very tasty!
We arrived after a long drive (the dvp was closed) at Szechuan Legend and the parking lot was packed! In the same plaza there is a fish monger with huge live king crabs, lobsters, and geoducks (worth checking out if you have to wait for a table). The restaurant was totally packed. Even once we were seated it was pretty tight. Fun walking in checking out everyones dishes.

We ordered:
Sauteed Snow Pea Shoots - very good and fresh. Better than most I've had.
Braised Eggplants - an absolute epiphony! Must order. I could eat these daily.
Chili Chicken - crunchy fried tiny bits of chicken (cartilage?) mixed with mouth numbing szechuan peppercorns and huge red chilies. This dish was a big hit! Warning though... not much meat... more fun than filling.
Beef with Chili - Awesome. Super tender beef (veal?), with plenty of chili, but not too much, in a vat of oil, but not "oily". Highly recommended. The best main we had.
Szechuan Fish - white fish filets in a vat of oil and chili, quintessential dish, not my personal favorite, amazingly not "oily" or spicy, I found it somewhat bland. Very traditional. Worth ordering once.
Spicy Yam Noodles - The rings of pork intestines were a turn off. Too spicy (despite the absence of chilies) and very sour. Meh, not to our liking.
Hot and Sour Soup - Pretty good, but I like New Sky's version better.
Young Chow Fried Rice - Again, pretty good, but I like New Sky's version better.
Spicy Wontons - Quite good. Might order again.

If your looking for traditional Szechuan (properly pronounced Sizz-juan) this is a great choice. Even those in our party who don't usually eat spicy things enjoyed dinner. This delicious authentic dinner for six with huge portions cost $87. What a steal! We'll be back for sure.

Szechuan Legend
3280 Midland Ave, Toronto, ON M1V, CA

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My chowpal and I went to Szechuan Legend last night for our "holiday" dinner....very enjoyable...had wontons in chili oil, szechuan fish (amazing amount of chilis in oil), har gow, fried dumplings, shrimp "crystal" dumplings and an eel dish (too many bones for my liking but the flavour was GREAT)...

      Thanks to Chowhound we had a very interesting and enjoyable dinner at a place we never would have found on our own...we'll be back!