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Sep 24, 2007 06:52 PM

Oleana - in a word wonderful

I have always heard amazing things about Oleana but had never had the chance to go - until this past Friday night. We sat outside on the heated patio enjoying the last of the warm weather, but had a hard time reading our menus and the entire patio gave a universal "Ahhhh" when they turned the lights up. Began with the bean and walnut pate - a great pret a manger and then on to the carrot soup, which was poured over the goat cheese fritter "a la minute". We then had a mid course of the toasted vermicelli, which given it's complex flavors of bitter greens, vanilla, saffron and orange aoli was a little more challenging. For my main course I had the flattened chicken breast and turkish cheese pancake, which was a sizeable portion and I am still enjoying it in sandwiches days later. The dessert was excellent, I had the frozen hazelnut souffle with chocolate hazelnut tart and a strong chocolate sorbet which paired nicely with the creamy souffle. The service was impeccable, our server was knowledgeable about each of the dishes and wines - gave great recommendations - and was overall friendly without pulling up a chair to the table. Would definitely go again.

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  1. Does anyone know how late in the season they heat the outdoor patio? Have they switched to only-indoor seating yet? Thanks!

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      and ps- is Oleana worth it sans patio, or should I wait for next summer?

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        Indoors is delightful as well, the outside is just extra nice.

    2. Thanks for the review - had been hoping for more intel on it on the board. Glad you enjoyed...can't wait to try.