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Sep 24, 2007 06:44 PM

Best Roast Goose in Hong Kong?

I'll be in Hong Kong for a few days in October and am looking forward to repeating the blissful experiences with roast goose I had in past visits. Does anyone have recent experience with roast goose in HK?

Searching recent posts produced the following suggestions--

Yung Kee in Central
Loong Yuen in the Holiday Inn Golden Mile

For Chiu Chow goose--

Golden Island in Star House
Carrianna in Wanchai

Any other suggestions? Can anyone enlighten me on the difference between Cantonese roast goose and Chiu Chow goose?


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  1. Cantonese roast goose is roasted with crispy skin on the outside and juicy meat on the inside. I think a place called Sum Jang (sp) is pretty good. Yung Kee is probably good also. My guess is Loong Yuen will be expensive.

    Chiu Chow goose is cooked in a soy sauce base and kind of braised in a sauce for a while. It has a soy sauce taste and is not crispy. Golden Island is good for Chiu Chow cuisine.

    1. Yung Kee is good, it's a HK roast goose stalwart.
      Chan Kee in Sham Tseng is famous and very good (but it's a bit far out). In fact the district of Sham Tseng is famous on the whole for roast goose.

      Chiu Chow goose, as WHills mentioned is braised/paoched in a soy based, five-spice broth, very typical of Chiu Chow cuisine - they do it to other stuff too.

      Sheung Hing in Sheung Wan is famous for Chiu Chow cuisine, including goose.

      If you like Cantonese roasted meats, I suggest you stick with roasted goose in all it's crispy skinned glory :)

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        This question is for those fellow Chowhounds based in HK.
        Is it true that the Roast goose one gets from Yung Kee's main restaurant is inferior to those being served in 'Yung's club', the member only outpost on top of the restaurant? I was told because of the avian flu scare there's not enough supply of 'fresh free range geese'. Consequently, Ying Kee uses only the fresh ones for the club and air chilled/frozen ones for their main restaurant. The latter being frequent by mostly tourists!! I have eaten both versions but unfortunately in two separate occassions separated by one whole year. And I cannot recall there's a distinct difference?!!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          I was at dinner with familiy earlier tonight and my uncle mentioned he ate at Yung Kee one time, 4th floor (?) and the set menus for ten were over the HK$10K mark..., kinda makes the priciest SF Bay Area California restaurant's US$600 ish wedding banquet menus seem cheap in comparison.

          1. re: K K

            Abalone alone can go for HK$1000 and up each, not to mention the Sharks fin and Swallow's nest!, So depending on the grade and quality of the ingredients, that $10K dinner can even be at the lower end of the scale! ( Compare Caviar and truffles in western cuisine). The sky's the limit!! Then, there is the wine!!!!!!

      2. Yung Kee in Central gets my vote for the best roast goose in HK.

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        1. re: keiko9066

          I agree, ate at Yung Kee on Sunday night and the roast goose was spectacular. It's worth looking on their website for the award winning dishes as we found these were vastly superior to the other items on the menu.


          1. re: alexthepink

            Thumbs up for Yung Kee but Sum Jeng roost goose probably has a bit better value.

        2. I agree with the votes for Yung Kee in Central. Enjoyed it frequently when I lived there and still go everytime I'm back in HK. Love the goose and their famous thousand year old eggs. Both items are worth the visit.

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            I also agree that the roast goose at Yung Kee is the best. They are pretty darn good with their cured meats too. Try a taste of the goose liver (pate) sausages and you will be lifted off the earth. I just went there last week and I asked for the gold coin chicken (which has no chicken) medallions and it was superb. You have to order this in advance and its not on the menu.

          2. Contrary to most 'tourists/visitors' thinking, Yung Kee's roast goose is NOT the best in Hong Kong!! The version served in the main restaurant, though still tasty, is in fact inferior to those served in the 'club floor' of the members only Yung's club ( top floor of the building ). FYI, the Cantonese restaurant 'Man Ho' inside the J.W.Marriott Hotel also serve an awesome version that is comparable to Yung Kee's club standard. However, currently, the favourite amongst foodies in Hong Kong for roast goose as well as roast suckling pig is 'Yat Lok Barbeque Restaurant' in Tai Po, New Territories. The place might not be as fancy as Yung Kee, but, man! the aroma and taste of the roast goose is definitely more superior! Wear a pair of jeans, head out there ( address is Po Wah House A, Tai Ming Lane, Tai Po ) and have a B-B-Q feast of your life!!!