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Sep 24, 2007 06:16 PM

baby-friendly but good for adults nr. Downtown Marriott?

I'm an out-of-towner coming to a conference at the Downtown Marriott. We're dining one night with a friend who's not met our new baby. It would be great to find a place for big people (ie., wine and beer and good food), quiet enough to catch up, but in which a baby would be okay (esp. if he gets a little antsy).


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  1. Just to clarify: I meant in Philadelphia.

    1. darn. i had a response all typed up and then hit some combination of characters on my keyboard that caused me to lose it all.

      i was going to suggest three things: eulogy belgian tavern, el vez, or any of the big ballroom-type-looking places in chinatown.

      eulogy for its fab belgian beers and great bar food... there is a nice upstairs that was all but empty on the recent weeknight i was there. perfect for a loungey, quiet evening... where you could make some noise if you wanted to. at 2nd and chestnut a very short $2 el ride away.

      el vez, because they have nice booths (and outdoor tables, weather permitting!) that are private enough to hold a good conversation, but the place is loud enough that no one should mind a kid. 13th and sansom, easy walk.

      chinatown is a great casual alternative for dinner, where anything goes it seems like! i don't remember the names of too many places, i'm afraid. might be fun to stroll and see what catches the eye. just go 1 block north, 1 block east.