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Sep 24, 2007 06:10 PM

Congee Dynasty in Mississauga

Congee Dynasty recently opened up 1100 Burnhamthorpe Road West in Mississauga. Has anyone tried it out yet? Do they compare to Congee Wong or Congee Queen?

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  1. Looking forward to trying it soon. The presence of T&T, Yuan Ming and H&H supermarkets within a km of each other suggests that Mississauga might sprout a Chinese resto community similar to GTA East. Time will tell but I'm seeing more places like Dynasty opening along Burnhamthorpe between Mavis+Creditview in the under-tenanted office blocks. Let's hope it's a trend!

    1. I have tried it twice, believe it or not! On the whole I think the food quality is pretty good, and large portions, similar to Congee Queen. Heard rumors that they are sisters chain. I especially liked the congee, quite similar to homemade ones. The staffs are inexperienced though helpful, and orders are sometimes mixed up. Yesterday afternoon (past lunch time) I waited long time for 1 congee, 2 steamed rice rolls to come. They are also posting signs to hire more staffs urgently in various positions.

      One thing I hoped they can improve is the presence of flies and bugs everywhere. It's extremely annoying to have to compete with the bugs while eating!

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        We just tried it this afternoon for lunch. The place was surprisingly busy--always a good sign. The congee at Congee Wong I find is superior, though it is still very good at Congee Dynasty. As for the rest of the food, it was all good, though I'll have to try a few more dishes before I can truly say how it stacks up against Congee Wong.

        I have to agree with what kaka said above. It was very obvious that the kitchen needed more staff. All of our food took a long time to come out. The floor staff were fine, but did confuse a lot of orders at a lot of tables. The place is new with all new staff, so I expected it. I didn't really have any trouble with bugs. There was one fly that kept hovering near our food, but I'm sure he only ate very little. There was plenty left for the rest of us.

        There are a couple of congee places down the street. One is in the plaza on the northwest corner of Burnhamthorpe and Creditview (south side of the plaza) and the other is in the plaza with H&H. I have no idea what the names are, but they're both good too and will no doubt be losing some business to Congee Dynasty.

        1. re: bjorn_brown

          I was trying to go there on 2 Saturday around noon time but gave up both times because it was crazy busy there. It is a good addition to Mississauga eventhough I don't think there is anything special about it.

          End up going to one of my old time fave, Lion City, really like their Laksa and Chicken Satay !

          1. re: skylineR33

            Hey Sky, where's Lion city? So are they South-East Asian? I looooooooooove Laksa.

            1. re: jennjen18

              Yes, Lion CIty serves South East Asian food. The female chef is from Singapore. I really like their Laksa and Chicken Satay, I think it is a must try if you go there.

              It is located at 1177 Central Parkway West, 905-281-0860 , at the far end of the plaza, between the Chiu Chow Chinese restaurant and the Korean restaurant.

              Lion City Restaurant
              1177 Central Pky W, Unit 70, Mississauga, ON L5C4P3, CA

      2. No complains on the food. But the attitude of the Male Manager is really really bad. The dish that I ordered didn't arrive after 3 follow-ups with different servers at 10 minute intervals. When I decided to finally give up and pay our bill I was asked to pay for food that didn't arrive. I politely told the Casher and Male Manager my problem. The answer that I got from the Male Manager was that "we are too busy".NO apologies were ever offered. He only asked the Cashier to take out the dish that didn't arrive and waved me off as he is too busy to apologize.

        I hope they shape up. A suppose to be GOOD place is tarnished by BAD attitude of the service staff.

        1. Yeah, I was gonna ask you guys where to get diner style Chinese/HK type food around in Mississauga. I'm looking for wonton, beef brisket/tendon noodles, stir-fry noodles, etc. :) I'll give Congee Dynasty a try though!

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            there are lots of Chinese places there that have beef brisket/tendon noodles. Near the Karaoke place

          2. The original comment has been removed