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Sep 24, 2007 05:18 PM

Breakfast in Santa Fe / and dessert

Just wondering where is a good spot for breakfast, not necessarily fancy, just great food? Also, where can you get good dessert, later in the evening? I know of Atomic Grill, but need other suggestions. Will be there the first week of October.

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  1. A lot of locals like Tecolote for Bfast. Tourists like Pasqual's. Tia's is another option. They all have their merits.

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    1. re: Erich

      I like Pasqual's. And I am not a tourist.

      I second the votes for Harry's, especially if you're not in a hurry to be seated.

    2. The Plaza Restaurant is my favorite. Followed up by Horseman's Haven. My personal opinion is that Tia Sophia is pretty ordinary.

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      1. re: IslayMan

        I wouldn't disagree that Tia's is pretty ordinary.

      2. While there are many very good places for breakfast and/or desserts, there is one place that is simply best for either - posted about many times here - HARR'YS ROADHOUSE on the southside of Santa Fe. Best omelettes and, well, their pies !

        If omelettes are not your thing, there's always a daily egg-dish "special"; a scramble with interesting ingredients perhaps and always interesting pancakes.

        Crazy but if I had room, I could consider a slice of their pie as a chaser to one of their omelettes.

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        1. re: fyfas

          I second that emotion!
          Also,..Hands down, Harrys' staff is far friendlier (not plastic) and more professional than most other breakfast spots. And, oh my, what pie!

        2. My favorite is "The Pantry". Good green chile and corn beef hash.

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          1. re: JDBlagg

            Second on the Pantry - just past the El Rey Inn on Cerrillos on the way into town. Never been disappointed.

            Jerry Saywell