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Sep 24, 2007 04:13 PM

Dinner Near St. Louis Convention Center

I am staying at the Drury Suites hotel right across the street from the America's Convention Center in downtown St. Louis and would like your dinner recommendations that are within walking distance of the hotel/convention center. Looking for good food, casual/business casual atmosphere, and any cuisine -- no $$ concerns. Would prefer non-chain and non-tourist dinner recommendations, but I understand if that's what there is. So, please let this Washington, DC Hound know where he and his business associatese should go for dinner.

Greatly appreciate your recommendations.

BL -- DC Hound

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  1. You're probably in the best place in the city to find dining options within walking distance. On Washington Ave., you can find several places. First, there's An American Place, which is owned by Larry Forgione, St. Louis's only celebrity chef. If you truly don't care about price, I'd make sure to go there. It shouldn't be hard to find a table. Further down the street, I really like Mosaic, which is tapas-style, so it might not really work well if your group isn't the sharing type. 10th Street Italian is a casual place just off Washington that serves simple pastas very well. The Dubliner is an Irish gastropub, I've liked both the pork and the mussels there, although their beer selection is lacking a little.

    1. I second the recommendation of An American Place. Visually, it is in a wonderful room. The menu should appeal to both adventurous eaters and less adventurous eaters. It in on Washington at the corner of 9th. Website:

      1. American Place is my first choice, focused on fresh ingredients what Forgione's known for. Kemoll's in the Missouri Athletic Club Bldg is a fairly trad Italian place but very good) they do very nice veal dishes and are especially known for their battered and fried fresh artichoke hearts. almost like fritters.

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          Kemoll's is in the Metropolitan Building. It has a very elegant atmosphere, and serves very good food.