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Sep 24, 2007 04:06 PM

Best Enchiladas west of La Cienega

I'm an enchilada fiend and am always continuing the quest for the perfect specimen. My ideal enchilada has SHREDDED beef and a red sauce, but I'm open to mole, tomatillo, etc. Places I've eaten already:

Very Good -- Don Antonio's (my #1) / Gilbert's El Indio (no shredded beef)

Good -- Lares (seems to be the local favorite, but enchiladas didn't blow me away)/Tia Juana/Casablanca/La Cabana

Average -- La Serenata (I don't care if Owen Wilson does eat here, utterly forgetful)/El Cholo (Gringo special)/Pacos-Titos Tacos

Especially interested in hearing about:
El Sarape
La Talpa
Tlapazola Grill (hear the Mole is great)
El Chavo
El Compadre (Sunset & Gardner)
Gardens of Taxco (Santa Monica and Harper)

I'm sure people have strong opinions on this one, so lets hear it!!

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  1. Yes, please give your opinions. I love me a good shredded beef and red sauce enchilada but I love mine topped with a little friendly sprinkle of cheese. Like rainbow sprinkles to an ice cream sundae. A little cheese never hurt anyone.

    I want to do a post like this on chile rellenos. That is my staple dish and even very good mexican restaurants will get a mediocre review from me if their chile relleno doesn't cut it. I must of had some sort of secret love affair with this dish in a past life. I am obsessed.

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      I get mine at Loteria (usually queso con mole) and they're pretty damn good. I know that 's not west of La C but neither is El Compadre.

      El Compadre is sort of the thinking man's El Coyote. Food is marginally better but the potent Margaritas make it an almost moot point. It's festive and fun and the food is fine, but it won't make your culinary top 10.

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      1. I want to try Don Antonio's. Is that the one off of Pico?

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        1. re: cyberdiva

          Yep. Gets very popular on weekends and apparently they have a big special on Monday or Tuesday nights that packs the place. Cavernous, dark, over-the-top interior decorated a bit like Pirates of the Carribean.

          1. re: ElJeffe

            Their big night is Wednesday when they feature .99 cents on all tacos.

        2. I used to live in a ground floor apartment next to El Compadre's dumpster, so I know it well. It may be marginally better than El Coyote, for which I am an apologist, and I don't know the first three; but I'd rate both Taxco and Chavo above Compadre.

          I don't know the first three; presumably because they are west of La Cienega, whither I go not. The rest are all actually east.

          1. Try the "Tacos Enchiladas" (not to be confused with the "Enchiladas de Pollo, Puerco, etc.") at Monte Alban. You can get them with either the black or red mole -- truly amazing. I honestly wasn't blown away by the food at Tlapazola Grill, though I didn't try the mole.

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            1. re: a_and_w

              PS: I forgot to mention -- no shredded beef, only chicken and cheese. Still, worth a try if you're on the west side. Monte Alban is truly a gem...