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Sep 24, 2007 04:02 PM

Pastries on the Eastside (SEA)?

I was craving a chocolate croissant this weekend, but short of heading downtown to Le Panier, didn't know if there was a place on the eastside that I could pick up a decent pastry.


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  1. Good luck! Hoffman's in Kirkland has lost its mojo and it's specialty was cakes not pastries.

    Cafe Besalu in Ballard is tops for pain au chocolate. Columbia City Bakery does nice job as well.

    Until someone with pastry passion decides to set up shop on the Eastside, local residents will have to look wistfully westard over Lake WA with a gummy sweet QFC pastry stuck to their teeth.

    1. Belle Pastry isn't bad. I found it a little old-school on a visit this summer, but decent, and charming.

      1. the only place i could think of that i would try is pomegranate (the coffee grab and go section). i have never tried thier pastries, but thier food is quite good.

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          i second pomegranate for quality. haven't had enough of their pastries to say for sure, but a few baked goods have been outstanding!