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Sep 24, 2007 03:36 PM

Yom Kippur Ruined by Solly's Deli...

So my Significant Cat and I were looking forward to a nice, rainy Yom Kippur when I made the decision to order take out from Solly's deli.

Big mistrake.

First, the "person" at Solly's couldn't figure out the word "bundt"; second, they seemed clueless as to several of the items we ordered. I guess that's not a surprise considering how overly huge the menu is at that place.

Anyway, the Cat goes to Solly's to pick up the order; she asks "Is everything I ordered here in this bag?" The "person" behind the counter breaks into a toothy, overconfident grin and says "Of course, we are professionals!"

So the Cat pays for the stuff and heads home.

That's when we discovered that not only did they forget to put our dessert into the bag, but they also forgot an entire entree. Yes, we were charged for two items that we didn't receive.

By this time it's raining bagels and pickles and I'll be darned if I'm sending the Cat back out into the squall.

So we call Solly's (now rechristened "Surly's") back, spend about an hour explaining what happened, all while eating the worst roast-beef sandwich we've ever had the misfortune of masticating/digesting. And the sweet/sour cabbage soup? No thanks, I don't drop acid anymore.

The "person" we spoke with took a solid hour to grasp the concept of client dissatisfaction; after repeated assurances that the evening "manager" would tell the day "manager" we'd be by tomorrow to collect our money for the items we paid for but didn't receive, we sulked and watched TV.

Another Yom Kippur down the drain.

Next day the Cat drops by Surly's and has a knock-down drag-out fight with the day "manager". After causing what can only be described as a "scene", the day "manager" grudgingly returned our cash refund, but only after wasting a half-hour trying to convince the Cat to accept a restaurant credit.

"As if we'd eat here again, growl!" said the Cat to the "manager".

I've lived in Sherman Oaks forever and I've never taken a shine to Surly's; the Yom Kippur Incident of 2007 has only cemented my distaste for this shoddily-operated delicatessen.

Next time, I'll make the drive to Canters, they have better Matso ball soup anyway.

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  1. Awh, that sounds awful. I've not tried Solly's yet, and this isn't quite a ringing endorsement. I guess the only consolation is that the cat will always check the bag from now on. I've learned my lesson about that a long time ago - they always forget something.

    1. Solly's is hit and miss, ever since Jerry's bought them out yonks ago. It depends upon who you get serving you and what you order. Some servers just have no clue of a basic Jewish Deli menu.

      It's like the time a new kid at Gelson's deli served me. I asked for a #1 of tzimmes. he came back with a #1 of Hummous. I though it had first been that he just hadn't heard me right, so I said, "I'm sortty, I asked for tzimmes" and enunciated more clearly. "Actually, ma'am" he responded, "it's calle HUMMUS" and smiled. "No, "I said (ma'am? do I look that old?) "It's Tzimmes". and I pointed it out to him. "oh," he said, you mean the "T-zimes. Why didn't you say?" At that point, a vet deli guy came over and gently corrected him.

      Poor kid.

      Seriously, though, once at Solly's I had to explain what a black and white cookie was.

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      1. re: Diana

        "Seriously, though, once at Solly's I had to explain what a black and white cookie was."

        Wow. Just wow.

        1. re: Diana

          Oh my God, that made me laugh.

          This whole thread reminds me of the time a few Yom Kippur mornings ago, I was at Western Bagel (yes, I know, what can I say? ) and I saw a woman sitting at the window counter, chewing a bagel and reading a book titled "A Guide to the High Holy Days." I'd say "Rule 1. Put down that bagel."

          I have very little faith in Solley's, I'm afraid. I used to love their hamentaschen, but the last time I got one it was almost unrecognizable. Their prices went way up, their quality way down.

          1. re: lad1818

            What's the problem with Western Bagel?

            1. re: ozhead

              not a problem with Western bagel, I think, but that he was eating on Yom Kippor . . . fasting is part of the atonement.

              1. re: tigercactus

                i think 'what's wrong?' referred to the (yes, i know, what can i say?) disclaimer.

                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  Tigercactus was correct. I was bageling on Yom Kippur.

                  Western Bagels are okay.

                  I see people voting for Art's - and I like the place, but not the food. I always find it very mediocre. I wish I liked it better because it has a nice, laid-back atmosphere. And every year I get their little calendar.

                  1. re: lad1818

                    Mediocre is probably as good a busy deli can get. I love Brent's but I've had better individual dishes elsewhere. Overall, it's about as good as a deli can get. Delis aren't great by definition, and especially by definition of the folk who go there (my aunt made better knishes; my wife makes better tuna melt -- etc). But Art's is overall wonderful and Brent's is even better. Only better is eating at home, but ....

          2. re: Diana

            Well, you've arrived at your own answer. Jerry's Deli is universally disliked by the Hounds, and if Jerry's bought out Solly's, there's nothing to expect but disappointment.

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            1. The original comment has been removed
              1. You can't expect too much...I think they are owned by Jerry's Deli. Enough said!