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Sep 24, 2007 03:16 PM

Dinner in Columbus Circle

I'll be with a group of 4-7 people. Looking for something not too exotic. Ideas?

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  1. Landmarc is excellent. Lots of very affordable wines to choose from. Food is great and reasonably priced (compared to the other places in Time Warner). Solid choice.

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      I love both Gabriels and San Domenico (different pricepoints). Pretty close: Molyvos for excellent and elegant greek.

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      1. Cafe Gray is my favorite restaurant in the Time Warner Center for food. They have great cocktails if you plan on drinking. Ms.James's suggestion of Landmarc is good, too. It's safe, home-style, neighborhoody food, good for groups, and the most laid back place in TWC.

        If you go a few blocks up to Lincoln Center, popular options near there are Rosa Mexicana, Fiorello's, and Vince & Eddie's.

        1. I really love Park Blue. It's tucked away on 58th so not everyone knows about it (read: quiet, laid-back atmosphere). The food is very accessible. Landmarc is more accessible in that it's basically American, but the noise is a little much for me.

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            Good call on Park Blue, though I'm not sure that exclusively small plates is what the OP is looking for. I haven't been in about a year, has it changed much?

            Fiorello's is quite bad considering the price point. Alternatively, Cafeteria at the Hudson is a good option.

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              I went back for the first time in over a year a couple weeks ago. The crowd has picked up a little more than I remember, which is good for business but bad for me as I liked having a secret getaway by the park. The staff is just as attentive and attractive as ever. Perhaps a little earnest as the busboy kept referring to my party as "gentlemens," but otherwise they provided us with a flawless evening.

          2. If you're going this week, while the weather is fantastic, I would suggest sitting at an outside table at Fiorello's on Broadway. The pizza is amazing, I personally love the antipasto bar (you can order different combinations, say, 3 veggies, or 2 veggies and 2 seafood items, you get the idea), and you go up to the bar and tell the server what you'd like. As far as outdoor dining and Italian goes, I don't think you can beat it in the immediate area, and I lived on 59th and 9th for four years.