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Sep 24, 2007 02:55 PM

Japanese lunch in Menlo Park/PA

I need a recommendation for a Japanese restaurant in Menlo Park or Palo Alto that could accommodate 15 people for lunch on a weekday. I've searched and come up with Gombei but would appreciate other suggestions.

Please do not suggest Kaygetsu!

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  1. Fuki Sushi in south Palo Alto (between Page Mill and Charleston) is a good bet to accommodate the size of your party.
    4119 El Camino Real, PA 650-494-9383

    1. Fuki Sushi in Palo Alto is large enough but I cannot picture any private areas -- maybe the tables adjoining the sushi bar; you might call. I have been to Akane in Los Altos twice, but only at the sushi bar -- I seem to recall a private room to the right of the entrance but am not 100% sure. Both are good choices because you'll have a choice of Bento, Tempura dishes, and very good sushi. I think they are both among the Peninsula favorites for sushi on this site.

      1. bonsai in atherton (one town north of Menlo Park) has private rooms and plenty of space for that size group.

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          Many thanks for the suggestions! Akane is too far but I'll check on Fuki Sushi and Bonsai. I'm not really looking for a sushi place and that's what most reviews I've found cover.

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            If a private room is not a big deal, Fuki can easily sit 15 if you call in advance. Lots and lots of cooked food which I think now is a bit stronger than their sushi.

            1. re: K K

              Sushi Monster loves Fuki Sushi, which must count for something. I would say they're the best combination of large and good and japanese, although I can't think of a private room either.


          2. re: sgwood415

            Bonsai was super meh the one time I went, but that was on my birthday which turned out to be a meh-fesitival of eating. I usually get a selection of rolls, but didn't find anything to really write home about BUT Japanese is such a bone of contention with people that I am sure Bonsai is fine if your party is not ultra-discriminating.