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Sep 24, 2007 02:36 PM

Brick Street Bakery Sandwiches...a smidge long

Yesterday I had plans to take my mother to see the Drowsy Chaperone matinee (quick aside, it was friggin' AWESOME, go see it while you can). We decided to drive down early just in case there was a lot of city traffic resulting from the DVP weekend closure, and to our surprize we found that we had so much time before the show, that we figured let's go for a good coffee at Balzac's in the Distillery. While touring around sipping our coffees we were discussing lunch options and I remembered that the Brick Street Bakery did sandwiches.

Went in and and my mother ordered the roast beef, and I was about to order the lamb, when I saw a hand written sign advertising a new pulled pork sandwich....and if you know me at all, you know that I have 3 weaknesses... the chocolate chili pepper gelato at Il Gelatiere, kryptonite, and pulled pork.

Waited for the sandwiches for about 10 to 20 mins, but they were made fresh and it was busy in the store, so it was understandable to have to wait.

The pulled pork was one of the best I have had in some time, served on a crunchy crust ciabatta bun and with shredded carrots which I thought was a great alternative to the coleslaw that a lot of other places seem to add. The meat was delicious and made with the homemade BBQ sauce. My only complaint, if you can call it that, was that there was bit too much sauce. But still, they showed more restraint adding sauce than other places I have tried.

I did try my mom's roast beef sandwich. Which was also excellent. It was served with caramelized onions and horseradish mayo on organic wheat bread. Loved it. The bread was nice and chewy, with a crunchy crust (almost like baguette), the meat was fantastic, tender with a pinkish hue. I could have done without the onions, as it made the sandwich a little sweet. But it didn't over power it, so all was good. Will definitely try the other sandwich offerings now.

For 2 sandwiches and a couple brioche (for later) the total came to $20. While some may think this a tad expensive, for the size of the sandwiches and the quality it was well worth it, and you didn't walk away hungry or overstuffed.

All in all a good experience. So, if you are in the mood for a good sandwich and are in the area, highly recommend stopping by the bakery.

...oh and check out the Drowsy Chaperone while you are at it.....

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  1. The sandwiches sound great. So does the chocolate chili pepper gelato at Il Gelatiere. Must try that soon.

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    1. re: pescatarian

      Lazar is dead right on their great sandwiches. What is even more exemplary, given the utter lack of pretentiousness and frequent lineups at BSBS, is the cheerful, willing and patient attitude of their counter staff. "Who has ears to ear, let him hear" (supposedly first-class restaurants with attitude !)

      1. re: Bigtigger

        my husband and I often share a sandwich and then save room for the gelato or hot chocolate at SOMA. The lamb is to die for and the coronation chicken salad is also excellent. In the winter you should try their pot pies the steak and silton and potatoe and leek are VERY VERY good - I refuse to share those.

        1. re: shana

          $20 for two great sandwiches and two brioche? That's a deal in my book. I have no problem paying that. Thanks for the tip!!!!!

          1. re: czthemmnt

            BSB makes the best sandwiches in Toronto. I wish they were closer to the downtown core.

    2. Agree 100%, love the BSB sandwiches... hence my dismay at the fact that the new Brick Street location in Leslieville isn't doing sandwiches. :-(

      Ah well, the bread from the new location is great and the Distillery is only 5mins away...

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      1. re: Vise

        How disappointing! We live close to the new location and I LOVE the sandwiches at the Distillery.

        Cajun Kitchen has good sandwiches though, right around the corner.

      2. I Googled a photo of the Brick Street Bakery to be sure, and it's where we always buy the meat pies when we visit the Distillery. They're big, tasty, and well worth the cost.