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Sep 24, 2007 02:27 PM

Jamesgate bummer

Have always liked Jamesgate. Love the patio and the sense of neighborhood. However, this past Saturday I had the worst fish and chips I've eaten anywhere and when a tavern can't pull off an adequate version of classic pub grub, something is "fishy" and it wasn't the fish. Flabby fish encased in undercooked crust, lukewarm, served with soggy chips means there ain't nobody tending the fryer. Please come back to at least "ordinary!" I don't want to leave you!

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  1. I've eaten there a few times and have always found the food good, the service friendly and the prices reasonable. Sorry you hit it on an off night.

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    1. re: ShelT54

      I'm not sure it's an off nite, that's exactly how my fish n chips were. Well, not lukewarm but the fry job was not good.

    2. i remember a couple/few years ago, the bar side food at James' Gate was very good... but then I heard (someone confirm or deny?) that they changed chef. The menu certainly changed, and the food became... less special, somehow. That's when I started going to Costello's instead, even though the atmosphere is totally different and the beer taps seemed perpetually dirty.

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        I went to James's Gate once about a year ago for brunch and wasn't impressed. It was plenty busy the time I went, though. Their food was at least better than Doyle's.

        1. re: bachslunch

          i too had a dissapointing encounter with jamesgate food. i met some friends there last april and had to send calamari back to be finished in the fryer (served very limp) and had some amazingly bad nachos. after this my friends and I decided to just stick to the beer and meet somewhere else for dinner the next week.
          I wonder if they should get their fryer checked and their kitchen lights and tastebuds brightend?

      2. My husband used to rave about Jamesgate when I first met him circa 2000. We went shortly after that and it was good. The last time we went was in the Spring of 2002 and I was disappointed as was my husband. We both decided not to go back as there are so many other places to enjoy.