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Sep 24, 2007 02:25 PM

Best Upper East Side Diner

I just moved to the area (89th and Lex) and am in search of a good neighborhood diner. I've done a search and seem to have identified some clear favorites (Mansion, Viand) but thought I'd start a specific post on the subject to make sure I was exhaustive.

In my early exploration I've tried Highlands (on 3rd and 85th I think) and also Midnight Express (around 2nd and 89th). Both were fine, but not particularly memorable. I walked by the Jackson Hole on Madison yesterday and thought I might give that a try next. Any other suggestions? I would love to hear your votes on the best!

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  1. On Lex and 83rd ( I think) is an old timer.... been there since the '30s?? Can't remember the name but it's a unique ambiance.

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      it's called the lexington avenue candy shop and it's just ok.

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      1. Stargate on 3rd ave btwn 89th and 88th.

        1. I'm not a big fan of Jackson Hole - incredibly greasy food - though the onion rings are pretty good in a greasy kind of way. There's also Nectar, on Madison and 83rd, which is quite good, and Three Guys, at Madison and maybe 89th - I've only had breakfast there - passable - but if you want to do an exhaustive search, you might want to check it out as well.

          1. Highly recommend Cafe Luka, 1st Ave between 70th and 71st. Fantastic food, family owned. Excellent reviews on both Yelp and Menupages.