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Sep 24, 2007 02:18 PM

Latkes AKA Potato Pancakes?

I know you can get them at every Jewish deli in town. I've tried most of them, though none has really impressed me as especially memorable. Don't get me wrong, they're all good -- like certain other things, even when they're bad they're good.

And, by actually using the search function, I see that the popular favorite over the years has been Nate & Al's. I've tried them. Liked them. But wasn't really wowed.

So...I'm wondering if anyone out there has found another great source...beyond the obvious Canters/Jerry's/Juniors/Langers/et al.? Maybe a hidden gem in one of the less trafficked parts of town? Or some of the Bavarian variety perhaps?

The thinner, the better.

Extra apple sauce.

Hold the sour cream.

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  1. Are there any Swiss restaurants left in town? Maybe rösti would fit the bill. (Oh, wait, that's thick...)

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      Not familiar with rösti?

      And I'm not holding my breath for the thinner latkes, though those are the best. Almost no one makes them that may. Except Jewish grandmothers.

    2. i had fantastic latkes from joan's on third. they are tiny but come a dozen to a tin. you have to stick them in the oven but the come out perfect. i'd call first to make sure they have them. they usually do around any jewish holiday,

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      1. re: NYCnowLA

        Is this thin enough for you?


        They are from Roll and Rye in Culver City.

        My favorite right now are from Brents.... they are a bit thicker...


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          Nice. Thank you. I've been to Roll and Rye but don't think I ordered the latkes. And haven't tried Brents yet. Two for the list.

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            Odd, I found Brent's to be singularly disgusting, worse than Jerry's. And I had such high hopes. *sigh*

            Once, I had some good ones from Gelson's, but never found their match again at any branch.

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            Excellent. I live nearby so I'll check Joan out. Thanks.

          3. Warzsawa has fantastic potato pancakes - sublime.

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              Two places for take out only - Charlie's Delicatessen on Pico between Beverly Dr. and Robertson. And the frozen potato pancakes at Trader Joe's - they are really good and very cheap.

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                Thanks for the heads up, I never noticed the frozen latkes at TJ's.

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                  When I lived in Nashville I became addicted to the Empire Kosher (Canadian-made) frozen ones - definitely nothing like authentic or homemade, just really tasty fried potato-and-onion Breakfast Bombs (yes, you can bake them, too - why bother? They're never gonna be health food!). Ralphs usually has them here - they probably aren't as swell as the ones from TJ's, but they're a bunch cheaper. They come in dollar and triangular versions; I prefer the triangular. I can fit two base-to-base in my small iron skillet perfectly.

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                1. It's a trek, but Jagerhaus in Anaheim has some pretty delicious potato pancakes. (Delicious by this Chinese-American's standards, anyway...)

                  2525 East Ball Road at 57 Fwy
                  Anaheim, CA 92806

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                    Now we're talking. Anything else you especially recommend there? You know, something wash down the potato pancakes. Like Bratwurst or Schnitzel?

                    1. re: wutzizname

                      You mean, like a nice, strong hefeweizen? ;-)

                      Alas, I only had the German pancakes while I was down there, but they were pretty awesome. But if you do a search on the boards for Jagerhaus, you'll find plenty of accolades and recommendations.