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Dinner near Grand Central?

Would love any suggestions for two old friends meeting to talk and eat good food. Pricey ok, but astronomical not. Have checked out most of the theater-district ideas and would like to get suggestions east of Park Ave, btw 55 and 40th Sts. Am considering Brasserie, but have been ther many times (although not recently). Is it still ok? Other suggestions?

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  1. Do you want east of Park, or west of Park (i.e. - closer to GC?)?

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      east of 5th and west of Lex...so both east and west of Park

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        Thanks - will see what I can come up with!

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          Django is nice, I haven't eaten there in a few years but it is close to grand central. There's also Mr. K's on Lex. Monkey Bar recently reopend.

    2. It's not the precise location you want -- it's on the other side of 5th -- but have you considered DB Bistro Moderne?

      1. Cibo, on 2nd Ave and 41st Street. Nicely priced, well prepared prix fixe w/ choices in appealing, low key atmosphere.

        1. Capital Grille on 42nd is close and very good

          1. how about some Japanese? This is east of Lex, but I think worth it.
            Aburiya Kinnosuke on 45th btwn 2nd and 3rd avenues.

            1. Metrazur is pretty good, and it is right in grand central.

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                Thanks to everyone for their suggestions...

              2. Django is great...French...Patroon...

                  1. If you like oysters, the oyster bar in gct is always an option.

                    1. I second Django, which was good but not great the last time I was there. If you're willing to go to 49th and 3rd, I recommend either the grill at Smith and Wollensky (damn, is that burger great and worth the $14.95), or Pampano for mexican, focus on seafood.

                      1. Metrazur is very good indeed, perched on the East Balcony of the main concourse of Grand Central. The oysters at Oyster Bar under the concourse are superb, but a lot of the rest of the food is disappointing (or it was last time I was there a few years ago). My favorite choice, ironically enough, is Michael Jordan's The Steak House, on the west balcony. They have an appetizer that's so good--garlic-buttered fresh breadsticks stacked on a pool of gorgonzola fondue--that you want to lick the plate! And the steaks are luscious. Founding chef David Walzog knows his steak! He did a very similar menu down at Strip House.

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                          I have to chime in about that garlic bread with gorgonzola fondue appetizer at Michael Jordans. OH MY GOD IS IT DELICIOUS! Its worth going to MJs for that alone, but the steaks are quite good as well. and the space is fantastic.

                        2. It might be out of your range, but I'd go to L'impero on Tudor Place.

                          1. Ammos Estiatorio is a wonderful Med/Greek restaurant 1/2 block from the West Entrance of GC on Vanderbilt and 45th. Great fish, yummy mezze.

                            Also Pera Brasserie is a new Turkish/Med place on Madison between 41st and 42nd. Pretty room and great lamb.