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Mar 16, 2006 05:23 PM

German style soft pretzels or bretzel bread?

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Is there any place in/near the city which sells baked fresh soft pretzels or bretzel bread?

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  1. Yes! Esther's German Bakery - see my post below :) They don't have a retail outlet, but sell selected products at some peninula grocery stores, plus a wider selection at many local farmers' markets. The information is on their website:

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      thanks for the tip. unfortunately it doesn't look like there's anywhere to get these treats in SF proper, other than a few farmer's markets that occur while i'm at work.

      hmmm... I might be able to get to the Montclair Farmer's Market in Oakland on a Sunday morning.

      1. re: brian j

        If you work downtown, they are at Crocker Galleria farmers' market on Thursdays.

    2. Maybe someone can help me with this ... I absolutely cannot find this info ... but there is a market on Mission that sells soft pretzels ... I believe three types. I THINK they are Esthers. They are good though.

      It's up towards the Van Ness area. It sort of has a vibe like Whole Foods, but is not as big. Someone mentioned it last year saying they had good bread and a good stollen. I just cannot find the post. It made me stop by and I think I posted too.

      Anyway, you might give Esther's a call. I know for a fact that they don't list all the places the pretzels are sold. There's a European Market in Mountain View they don't mention and they don't mention Delakateski in Concord where I had one of the lovely pretzels a few weeks ago. The site says it is under construction, so call and ask.

      1. Here is your best bet for a great authentic German pretzel. Sterntaler Bakery (based in San Carlos I think) started selling their pretzels at Harvest Urban Market on 8th Street (@Howard) and at LeBeau on Leavensworth. Their pretzels are to die for and the real thing. I should know - I am German.

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          That was the place I was thinking of. Yes, those pretzels are good.