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Sep 24, 2007 01:00 PM

Where to buy Grass fed beef ?

I was interesting in purchasing some grass feed beef ( possibly organic ) online.

There seems to be a lot of options out there.

I wanted to get some feedback from fellow chowhounders out there to see if there are any recommendations.

I am not nessearily looking for the "ulitimate" most expensive option, rather a great quality product that is reasonably priced.

b.t.w specifically looking at NY Strips.


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  1. You might try or take a look at, where you can find local farms or online stores that sell grass fed and organic beef.

    1. I've been eating nothing but grass-fed beef of late.

      The rib-eye from Alderspring is perhaps the best steak I've ever had, grass-fed or grain-fed. But since a rave review in Slate, Alderspring steaks are hard to get,

      Also very good are the steaks from Tallgrass.

      In both cases the steaks are about one-third less in price than high-quality grain-fed.

      Note that grain-fed beef will take less cooking time than you're probably used to.

      1. You should try looking into a local CSA (community supported agriculture). It is basically a co-op farm. You pay for a share, and they raise the beef, lamb, chicken etc. The cost, at least in the Boston area, is reasonable. It's also great for the enviorment and it helps support local farmers.

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          Another alternative: Where we live, local ranches advertise grass-fat beef at feed and farm supply might check the phone book for your region. Our farmer's market has grassfat beef, you might check the local association. If you have a custom meat locker around, they'll likely have names of folks with good beef, too. It's a good way to support small, family operations.

        2. Check out This site lets you find grass-fed beef sources by area. There are plenty in New England. I'm looking to find farms doing buying clubs with people in Boston, where either the farm delivers to one person, or one person does the drive in exchange for meat.